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A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Birmingham by tool manufacturer Abingdon-King-Dick between 1903 and 1925, the machines were equipped with Fafnir, Minerva, Kerry and MMC engines, and later with Abingdon engines. Many machines were exported to Commonwealth countries.

Known as Abingdon Engineering since its founding in 1856, Abingdon was renamed AKD in 1926 and produced single cylinder four-stroke motorcycles of 147cc to 346cc, and V-twins. Motorcycle production ceased in 1932.

Abingdon engines powered many marques including Ariel and Invicta. The Tyseley factory was next door to the Excelsior works.

History of Abingdon King Dick

ricainsworth at ozemail.com.au
Abingdon King Dick
My MAG engine has a serial number as follows, 2 C IX, 35037. (2CIX)
The IX definitely look like Roman Numerals. The engine is a V twin and of a larger capacity. I am unable to find a reference to that number. I would like any information you might have. Thank you, cheers Richard
Richard Ainsworth
Perth, Western Australia

    The discussion at flickr.com listed on the MAG Engines page suggests that 2CIX would translate to 2C9, which is a 960cc V-twin.

foxandrew742 at aol.com
Abingdon King Dick Motorbike, 1925
need help on value thank you
Adam Fox

    Abingdon-1925-A-Fox image also posted to Comments.

Sat Jul 07 2012
what should it look like
akd ?
frame number 5465
engine number m717

Fri Aug 25 2006
colin.grace at btconnect dot com

I came across an Abingdon Motorcycle in a freinds warehouse back in the USA with a king dick engine, have you any idea of its worth? it needs a bit of TLC but its all there

Thanks for getting back to me so quick....this is the only picture I could get of the bike because my friend has a warehouse full of old bikes, 12000,sq ft to be exact....I have seen the engine and its complete....I did say it wants some TLC.

Regards, Colin

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