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Invicta Tricars

Made in Great Britain 1902-1906

Invicta Forecars were manufactured in Clapham, south London, by W. B. Barnes. An article in The Motor Cycle describes the 1906 model which is fitted with a Stevens vertical-twin engine and includes a photograph of another equipped with a J.A.P. V-twin. It refers to the body manufacturer as Plater of Birmingham.

Other sources suggest that the machines were also fitted with Minerva and Kelecom engines.

Shortly before the onset of the Great War the brand was used by a different company, based in Coventry. The forerunner of Francis-Barnett, the firm's name was A. Barnett and Co. Another British company which used the name for their cyclecars in 1912 was H. Clarke of Clarendon Square, London.

There was also an Italian marque, Invicta of Bologna. For other Invicta brands see Disambiguation

Sources: Tragatsch p175, NZ Classic Motorcycles, period literature.

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