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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Ditta Motocicli Invicta, A. Zanasi, Bologna.

Production years: 1951-1956[1]

In the 1920s Adolfo Zanasi had a workshop specializing in painting, nickel plating, and chrome plating bicycle frames, most of which were constructed on the premises.

Adolfo died in 1949 and his son Oliviero took over. Around 1950 Zanasi presents mopeds powered by the Grillo 49cc engine.

This was followed by lightweights powered by the NSU Quickly 2-stroke, and a number of 75cc Veggetti-powered machines including two small vans, one 75 and the other 85cc.

An Invicta 125 Turismo was presented at the XXIX Milan Exhibition in January 1952 which remained in production until 1954.

Motorcycle production ceased in the latter half of the 50s in favour of bicycles, which were more profitable.

1. There are mentions of another Italian Invicta moped from the 1960s, but little evidence other than this:
2. Other marques named Invicta: Disambiguation

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna et al.

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