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Fafnir Engines in Britain

Fafnir of Aachen, Germany produced automobiles, motorcycles and engines.

Fafnir built a range of engines up to 8hp V-twins under licence from the Werner brothers, and from 1903 produced complete motorcycles. Their engines were used by most early German and several British motorcycle manufacturers.

1903 In Great Britain, G. Straus and Co of Upper Thames Street, London, were the Fafnir distributors.

1904 Sold through Ashford Motor and Cycle Works of Middlesex.

1914 The address of the London branch is 211, Upper Thames Street, E.C.

The 1903 Fafnir Engines.

These engines are made by the Aix-la-Chapelle Steel Works, and handled in this country by Messrs. Straus and Co., 211, Upper Thames Street, London. The cylinder and head are made in one piece and bolted to the crank chamber; cooling ribs are ample, of large size, and extend well down the cylinder; the valve chamber is at the side, and exposed to the rush of air, so that there should be no trouble with overheating. The extreme height of the 2¼ h.p. engine is 18 5/8in., extreme width 7 1/6in., bore 70 mm. x 75 mm. stroke, and weight about 38 lbs. The dimensions of the 3 h.p. are height 19in., width 7 1/6in., bore 75 mm. x 80 mm. stroke, and weight about 40 lbs. Both patterns run up to 1,800-2,000 revolutions per minute. The Fafnir carburetter is of the spray type, on accepted lines, with air lever and throttle, and the silencer is of large size, and good design. Lugs are formed on the crank case- for attaching to the cycle frame, Chater-Lea and other frames being suitable.

Messrs. Straus and Co. are exhibiting at the Stanley Show, and these engines are sure to attract the attention their merits deserve from riders and the trade.

The Motor Cycle, November 18th, 1903. p801
Stanley Show 1903

Source: Graces Guide

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