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Watson, Ashford and Greyhound

Watson Motorcycles

Watson Cycle and Motor Works of Ashford, Middlesex produced a 3hp Fafnir-powered machine in 1904.


Greyhound were motorcycles produced from 1904 to 1906 by a firm based in Ashford, Middlesex.

The company first listed a forecar called the Greyhound. It had a 3hp Fafnir engine, two-speed gear, chain drive and Bowden brakes. It was designed to offer modest performance at a modest price. A second model had a 3½ hp Antoine engine and an Oppermann three-speed gearbox.

They also produced motorcycles with the same engines or a 2¾ hp Bowden. After 1906, the make was no longer listed.

  • Note: It was also called the Greyhound Hampstead.

Source: Graces Guide

Ashford Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Built in Ashford, Middlesex in 1904 and 1905, these machines were assembled using 3.5hp engines supplied by Minerva and Fafnir.They produced tricars and a forecar called the Greyhound that was powered by either a Fafnir or Minerva 3hp engine. The rider had a bucket seat and the passenger sat over the front axle in a wicker seat - this construction was typical of the era.

It was only suitable for use on level ground as it had no gears or pedals and was unsuitable for hills. This make was very short-lived.

Sources: Henshaw, Graces Guide.

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