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Abingdon King Dick Models for 1925

Abingdon 1925

The 3½ h.p. and (below) the 2½ h.p. Abingdon King Dick machines.


Successful New 250 c.c. Engine.

The principal features of the new Light-

THE Abingdon range for 1925 will include machines having a 73 mm. by 95 mm. twin engine, a 500 c.c. and a 250 c.c.. single-cylinder model, while the twin and smaller single are also listed as proprietary power units, the latter at a highly competitive price.

The principal features of the new light-weight engine are roller big-end and ball crankshaft bearings, both outside and small inside flywheels, a side-valve one-piece cylinder, a simple timing gear, in which the exhaust tappet bears directly on one cam, while the inlet valve is operated through its tappet by means of a rocker of bell-crank formation. The cylinder is provided with deep, close-pitched cooling fins, while the crankshaft is drilled to lubricate its plain bushes.

Excellent Timing Arrangement.

The small liming pinion is fitted with three staggered keyways, which permit the valves to be set to within less than half a tooth of the desired timing. The timing side main shaft is split and the pinion is further secured by a taper pin, which causes the shaft to expand and grip it. A fully floating gudgeon pin is retained in the three-ring cast-iron pistons by a steel spring ring. The driving sprocket is located outside the flywheel, giving great accessibility, while lubrication is by means of a Lamplough mechanical pump. The makers' address is: Abingdon Works, Ltd,, Tyseley, Birmingham.

Motor Cycling, October 15th 1924