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of Birmingham
  • 1920s A manufacturer of gearboxes used in early motorcycles
  • 1930s Gearbox for Ariel Square-four motorcycle. (Exhibit at Birmingham Thinktank museum)
  • 1968 Supplied rack and pinion steering units to (Ford?)

Burman gearboxes were fitted to a host of British and European marques including:

  • Alfred Wiseman
  • Grindlay-Peerless
  • Levis
  • Toreador
  • Calthorpe
  • HRD
  • Arthur Hagg
  • FEW
  • Stylson
  • Astra (Italy)
  • Kirk and Merifield
  • Lethbridge Motors

  • 18-Jul-2018
    kmmotorcycles at live.com.au
    burman gear box
    Hi Guys Dave here , after a few parts for a couple of burman gear boxes
    The first one is out of an Ariel Colt the gear box has these numbers on it
    GB33 K55 C966
    Need a set of clutch fiction plates x3
    the O.D is 7-1/4" the I.D is 4-1/2" and the have 8 tangs on them
    Also Burman gear box 4spd out of a Panther 350 the gear box has these numbers on it G4K51 87 Need a kick start lever assembly x1
    kick start shaft x1 kickstart quadrant x1
    kickstart inner bush x1
    kickstart seal x1
    could you let me know if these parts are available and also a quote
    many thanks

    Sources: Graces Guide

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