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Adax Saddles
Fitted to Condor A580

Aquila (Italy)

Brooks Saddles
Brooks Gallery

Denfeld Saddles
Fitted to BMW, NSU & others
Original Schorsch Meier, Made by Denfeld, West Germany

Franke - This is the SFS fitted to some BMW models

Leper (Holland) now make only bicycle seats, but once made seats for BMW

Lohmann - more below

Lycett Saddles


The company began as Edward Lycett Ltd making bicycle saddles in the latter part of the 1800s. The company had, in 1893, premises at 105 Yardley Road, then the following year a new factory at 161 Adderley Street with offices at 164 Deritend, Birmingham - at the southern edge of the city centre. By 1909 there were additional premises at 'The Saddlery' Bromley Street and Allcock street. Around the late 20s to early 30s a further address at Arthur Street near the Birmingham City football ground was established. A 1902 advert shows the company as Edward Lycett Ltd, then in 1903 as The Lycett Saddle And Motor Accessory Co Ltd and likewise a March 1904 advert, but in a June 1904 advert 'Accessory' has become 'Accessories'

The company was taken over by Brooks in the late 1930s who went on to produce cheaper versions of their Brooks saddles under the Lycett brand.
Fitted to New Imperial and Scott, among others.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/groups/833661@N20/

Pagusa - Pagusa (PAtent GUmmi SAttel) fitted to some BMW models

Radaelli - Fitted to 1957 Ceccato

Steiger is an Asian reproduction of the Denfeld/Pagusa seats

Wittkopp and several other companies made saddles under license from Pagusa

March 09
BMW Seats

Sun Sep 14 2008
pdscott<at>woh.rr dot com
German seat SFS all rubber
Not sure what bike this seat ges to.

Printed on the back is "Seigen Franke Seigen".

SFS_saddle.jpg available.

Fri Jul 11 2008
Bike seat
Lohmann passenger seat
I have a spring- suspension, rubber passenger seat of the brand Lohmann. Probably to be mounted on the back of a ridgid frame German (?) bike. No idea what bike it comes off. Could you help?
Tatura Australia

see also Aquila Seats

Italian Seat Manufacturer niasrl.it

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