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Adax Saddles
Fitted to Condor A580

Aquila (Italy)

Brooks Saddles

Brooks Saddles

Denfeld Saddles
Fitted to BMW, NSU & others
Original Schorsch Meier, Made by Denfeld, West Germany

Franke - This is the SFS fitted to some BMW models

Leper (Holland) now make only bicycle seats, but once made seats for BMW

Lohmann - more below

Lycett Saddles

Lycett Saddles

Pagusa - Pagusa (PAtent GUmmi SAttel) fitted to some BMW models

Radaelli - Fitted to 1957 Ceccato

Steiger is an Asian reproduction of the Denfeld/Pagusa seats

Wittkopp and several other companies made saddles under license from Pagusa

March 09
BMW Seats

Sun Sep 14 2008
pdscott<at>woh.rr dot com
German seat SFS all rubber
Not sure what bike this seat ges to.

Printed on the back is "Seigen Franke Seigen".

SFS_saddle.jpg available.

Fri Jul 11 2008
Bike seat
Lohmann passenger seat
I have a spring- suspension, rubber passenger seat of the brand Lohmann. Probably to be mounted on the back of a ridgid frame German (?) bike. No idea what bike it comes off. Could you help?
Tatura Australia

see also Aquila Seats

Italian Seat Manufacturer niasrl.it

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