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Druid Motorcycle Forks

These girder-style sprung forks were built by A. Drew and Co of Leopold Street, Birmingham during the vintage and veteran era.

1902 Advert. Cycle Repairs. Drew, 74d Conybere Street, Birmingham.[1]

1913 Arthur Drew died and the business was carried on by his partner William H. Osbourne

1914 'This company has just been registered, with a capital of £7,000 in £1 shares, to take over the business of manufacturers of the "Druid spring fork" and of specialities for the cycle and motor trades, &c., carried by A. Drew and Co., Leopold Street. Birmingham, and to adopt agreement with Edith A. Osborne, S. Nield, and W. H. Osborne. The subscribers are Mrs. E. A. Osborne and W. H. Osborne, Rostrevor, Grimes Hill, Wythall. Private company. The number of directors is not to be less than two nor more than five. Mrs. E. A. Osborne and W. H. Osborne are two of the first directors and shall be permanent. Qualification £750.'

They were to fitted many marques including:

Sources include Graces Guide.

More information under Suspension

Tue, 27 Mar 2018
joy.jones1 at

Greetings. I am looking for anyone who can tell me about the handling abilities of Druid Forks. They were used pre 1930s, mostly on Nortons. I am interested in how they handle on the road. I don't have a make or year in mind, just general information. I've heard reports of handling like a plate of jelly, to people who seem to think they were OK. Any thoughts?
Paul Jones
Brisbane Australia

If the list above is any guide, they must have been reasonably good.

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