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Hazlewoods of Coventry built motorcycles from 1911 to 1924
  • 1876 Company established in West Orchard, Coventry.
  • 1911 The Hazlewood was first introduced as one model fitted with a 2.75hp JAP engine, belt drive to a three-speed Armstrong rear hub and Druid forks. The pedals were retained.
  • 1912 Spennell's lists them at West Orchard, Coventry (Tel. 109) and manufacurers of motorcycles
  • 1912 A Colonial model was in production for South Africa.
  • 1912 Listed in Spennell's directory of Coventry as Cycle Manufacturers.
  • 1913 A twin was added to the range, powered by a 3.5hp or 5hp JAP engine. The smaller version retained the hub gear, but the larger fitted the hub as a countershaft gearbox driven by chain, and keeping the belt final-drive.
  • 1914 The range continued.
  • 1915-1916 For both years there was also a single with a 3.5hp JAP engine driving the countershaft gearbox.
  • 1920 After the war they returned to the listings with only a 5-6hp, 654cc V-twin fitted with their own three-speed gearbox with chain-cum-belt drive.
  • 1921 The range was extended to add a larger 976cc V-twin and the option of all-chain drive for both.
  • 1921 Only chain drive was used and the twins were joined by 292cc and 488cc sv singles with JAP engines.
  • 1923 The range was cut to the 292cc single, and the 654cc twin which had a choice of transmissions.
  • 1924 Was the final year and only a 678cc V-twin was produced.
Sources: Graces Guide

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