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Hazlewood 293cc JAP 1922


Hazlewood 1922 1923cc JAP

The new lightweight Hazlewood incorporates the 293 c.c. J.A.P. engine, and has a serviceable black finish.


Hazlewood 1922 Rear Brake

The rear brake unit of the new lightweight Hazlewood is easily detachable to facilitate wheel removal.

Hazlewood Introductions.

Sporting and Touring Light-weights. Passenger Machines mainly Unchanged.

A LIGHTWEIGHT will be added to the existing range of Hazlewood models for 1922. Carried in a frame with dropped top tube, a 293 c.c. J.A.P. engine drives the rear wheel through a two-speed Sturmey-Archer gear with clutch and kick starter, the final drive being by belt. Aluminium foot plates, a cast aluminium chain cover, B. and B. carburetter, and Best and Lloyd drip lubricator, are included in the specification. A sports mode], with long exhaust pipe and footrests in place of footboards, is listed, and is fitted with a neat rear brake, the whole of which, with its operating pedal, can be readily removed, should tyre trouble necessitate the withdrawal of the rear wheel. This machine is listed at £70. A somewhat similar but more stoutly constructed machine will be marketed, and will carry a 4 h.p. J.A.P. engine and three-speed gear.

All Hazlewood models are fitted with wide Druid type forks, and mudguarding has received very special attention, being most efficient. The existing 6 h.p. model, with chain and belt drive, and the 8 h.p. type, with all chain drive, will be retained, but the latter will in future be fitted with an internal expanding rear brake.

The makers are Hazlewood's, Ltd., Coventry.

The Motor Cycle


Hazlewood 1922 2 1/2hp JAP

One of the Hazlewood range, fitted with 2½ h.p. J.A.P. engine and two-speed Sturmey gear box.

Olympia Show - HAZLEWOOD.

Though not newcomers to the lightweight market, the Hazlewood factory has not produced this type for some years. Consequently it is of special interest to note a neat J.A.P.-engined nachine appearing under the Big H. mark. Alternative specifications are offered as far as transmission is concerned, and a sporting model is manuactured. An unusual system of rear braking is employed on this machine, the shoe, heel pedal, and connections . being mounted on a common lug, the whole unit being quickly detachable should need arise to remove the rear wheel. Well-known Hazlewood models that are retained include an 8 h.p. and 6 h.p. twin; a new 4 h.p. single will so be shown, all having J.A.P. engines.

The Motor Cycle, November 1921

Hazlewood Models for 1921