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Hazlewood Models for 1914-1915

Hazlewood 1914 5-6hp V-Twin

A New Model Hazlewood

Three-speed Counter-shaft Gear, Enclosed Kick-starter, Chain and Belt Drive, and Black Finish.

ANOTHER addition to the ranks of the counter-shaft geared machines is the latest type of 5-6 h.p. Hazlewood.

In its general features it greatly resembles the present style, for the 70 X 85 twin J.A.P. engine is retained, and the brake construction, mudguarding, footboards, and detail work follow the distinctive Hazlewood lines. Two interesting features are included, however, besides the gear, and these are the special wide heavy rims, which are very strong and easy to clean, and the cozletised finish which is employed on all parts which are usually neglected or are hard to clean.

The frame in the neighbourhood of the gear is specially strengthened by an auxiliary down tube; this with the substantial plate, to which the box is bolted. forms a strong triangulated member.

The gear box itself is stoutly constructed, and provides three ratios. It runs throughout on ball bearings with special oil retainers, and has only one sliding member, composed of a central gear wheel with a dog clutch on either side.

The layshaft is machined from the bar, and throughout only the finest materials are used. The kick-starter is of the gear and quadrant type, with the first teeth of the quadrant well backed off to ensure an easy engagement. The whole of the kick-starting mechanism is enclosed in the gear box casting, and a very sensible refinement is the large diameter oil filler which allows thick oil to be poured in without any difficulty. The clutch is of the five-plate cork insert type, the plates being held together by a single spring, and forced out of engagement by a simple and easily adjusted arrangement of wedge bar and slide. Both hand and foot operation will be fitted as standard.

Extensive road tests have proved very satisfactory, and the gear is now being produced in quantities.

The Motor Cycle, July 30th, 1914. p161

Hazlewood 1915 4hp 592cc Single

A single-cylinder Hazlewood.

INTEREST will be taken in the machine illustrated herewith in view of the fact that it is the first single-cylinder motor cycle to be built by the Hazlewood Company, of West Orchard, Coventry. This firm has hitherto specialised on big twin-cylinder machines which have justly earned a very good name for all-round excellence. Hence, it is not surprising to learn that the general design of the single- cylinder follows closely upon the lines of its predecessor.

The engine is a 4 h.p. J. A. P., 90 mm. x 93 mm. (592 c.c). Drive is by an enclosed chain to a three- speed counter-shaft gear and thence by belt. The carburetter is a B. and B., and the magneto is placed in front of the engine on a platform, it being protected by a cover of sensible dimensions. The standard tyre fitting is the 26 x 2¼ Hutchinson.

A glance at the illustration will bear out our statement that the latest Hazlewood is a machine of taking appearance and substantial design. Another single-cylinder machine now made by this firm is fitted with a 2¾ J.A.P. engine and Sturmey-Archer three-speed hub.

The Motor Cycle, November 26th, 1914. p599