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Hazlewood 1923 Models

Hazlewood sidecar outfit for 1923

With chain and belt drive the complete Hazlewood sidecar outfit is to be sold at £110 or £115 according to the choice of the 770 c.c. or 976 c.c. J.A.P. engine.


Hazlewood Sidecar Outfits and Solo Machines for 1923. J. A. P. Engines throughout

LOW-PRICED big twin sidecar outfits are the most important items on the Hazlewood programme for 1923. With a 976 c.c. J.A.P. engine and Hazlewood gear box and final belt drive one model with a commodious and well-made sidecar is priced at £115. The same outfit with a 770 c.c. J.A.P. engine costs £5 less; 650 x 65 mm. tyres are fitted in both cases.

A more elaborate outfit with 750 x 80 mm. tyres and internal expanding brakes, front and rear, is priced at £118 (with the 770 c.c. engine). A hand-controlled clutch is fitted in this case, instead of the foot type of the two first-mentioned models.

Right at the top of the scale is a 976 c.c. J.A.P. engined outfit, to a de luxe specification, and with final chain drive, at £126, and in between are 770 c.c. sports and tradesman's carrier outfits, both at £112. Hazlewood spring seat pillars are fitted in every case. 350 c.c. and 292 c.c. J.A.P. engined solo machines complete the list. The most costly of these, with the larger engine, a three-speed Sturmey gear box and internal expanding brakes front and rear, is only £75; and final chain and belt-driven models with the 292 c.c. engine and a similar two-speed box are £70 and £65 respectively.

Considering that Hazlewood light-weights belong to the large class of machines using proprietary components for engine and gear box, they are unusually distinctive in general outline. The riding position in every case is good, and the rider's comfort has been studied an the provision of footboards and an XL-All saddle.
The Motor Cycle November 9th, 1922.

The 1922 Olympia Show.

HAZLEWOOD. (Stand 130.)

Medium-weight Passenger Models.

5-6 H.P. Model.

  • 70x88 mm. (650 c.c.); V twin cyl. four-stroke; side valves; drip lubrication; Amac or B. and B, carb.; chain-driven mag.; 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter; chain-belt drive; 650x65 mm. tyres. Price: with Sidecar. £110.

Hazlewood's, Ltd., Coventry.

The 550 c.c. Hazlewood is only marketed as a sidecar outfit, but it is offered in four different models at remarkably low prices. With a tradesman's carrier body, or as a tourist machine with chain-cum-belt drive, it almost touches bottom in price where an engine of its power is concerned. The touring model with all-chain drive and the sports edition are fractionally more expensive. Features of special interest on these machines are a spring seat pillar, a very substantial shock-absorber for the all-chain drive, and the internal expanding rear brake.

2¾ H.P. Model.

  • 70x90 mm. (346 c.c.); single cyl. four-stroke; side valves; drip lubrication; B. and B. or Amac carb.; chain-driven mag.; 2-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter; Chain and belt drive; 26x2¼in. tyres. Price:. Solo, £75.

The 346 c.c. model has excellent chain guards and an unusually roomy expansion box for the exhaust. A J.A.P. engine is fitted, and three speeds and all-chain drive can be had if desired.

Olympia Show 1922 The Motor Cycle, November 30th, 1922. Page 844