Hazlewood Motorcycles

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Hazlewood Motorcycles for 1913

HAZLEWOOD, Stand No. 54.

  • 5 h.p. Model: 70x76; side by side m.o.i.v.; B. and B. carburetter; chain and belt; three-speed Armstrong gear.

Hazlewoods, Ltd., Coventry.

The twin Hazlewood is quite a new model, and is an extremely interesting and well-designed machine. Its most notable feature is the fact that an Armstrong three-speed hub is mounted so as to form a counter- shaft which is driven by chain, the latter being entirely enclosed in an aluminium case. The final transmission is by belt. The usual method of operating the Armstrong gear is employed.

The foot brake operates a fibre block through a rocking shaft and takes effect upon the outside circumference of the brake rim. Both cylinders discharge into a single silencer, which is immediately underneath and forward of the crank chamber. Above this is the magneto, which is driven by chain. A similar model to the above is shown with three-speed Armstrong gear in the hub.

The now well-known 2¾ h.p. 70 x 76 machine is also fitted with Armstrong hub gear.

1912 Olympia Show
The Motor Cycle November 28th 1912, p1393