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Armstrong 1913-1915

Armstrong produced motorcycles from 1913 to 1915.

1913 The company produced an advanced four-stroke motorcycle fitted with a 2¾ hp Villiers engine. The two-speed gearbox had unit construction with chain primary-drive to the clutch, an overhead inlet valve and a rear-mounted magneto. Other parts of the machine were typical of the era with belt final-drive and sprung forks.

1914 The four-stroke Villiers was discontinued and in its place was now a 269cc two-stroke Villiers - also used by many other firms. Both single and two-speed versions were available.

1915 Production of those two models continued for that year and then ceased.

Note. There was an ealier Armstrong marque. See Armstrong 1902, and others came later - see Disambiguation

Source: Graces Guide

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