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Rotax Engines

Made in Austria
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A Brief History of the Marque

Rotax began life in Dresden, Germany in 1920. It was incorporated into the Sachs group in 1930 and moved to Schweinfurt. In 1943 it was moved to Austria where, in 1959, it merged with Lohner-Werke. Lohner-Rotax was purchased by Bombadier of Canada in 1970 and built twostrokes for the various Bombadier machines. In 1982 they built their first fourstrokes.

Rotax have been responsible for many highly successful engines including those which power BMW's F650, the narrow-angle V-twin in Aprilia's formidable Mille and its successors, numerous twin-cylinder twostrokes used in powered hang-gliders and a range of horizontally-opposed four-cylinder aero engines. Rotax engines are also used in numerous gokarts and in Skidoo and Bombardier snowmobiles.

Rotax fourstroke singles are used in the extremely robust Armstrong motorcycles, both civilian and military, and in modern Buell and MZ machines. Aprilia won three world championships with Rotax two-strokes, and also use their fourstroke singles to good effect in the Pegaso. Rotax engines were also used in late-model Cotton road racers, ATK and Can-Am motocrossers, and SWM off-road machines.

A sampling of the many marques which employed Rotax engines:

There was also a Rotax manufacturer of sidecars and components in the UK. Rotax UK.

crodacobra at gmail.com
rotax 250?
looking to find pistons and gaskets for this motor
mark croda

    Rotax-250-MCr images posted to Comments.

Wed May 17 2017
info at scanpex.com
rotax 125CC water cool engine with gear box
ROTAX 122 or any same but rotax
we are looking for the spares and if the spares are not available, we can purchase good second water cool with gear engine

Wed Apr 06 2016
ryanracing96 AT gmail.com
rotax 250 single air cooled rotary valve
rotax 250
I'm trying to get some info on this 70's / early 80's engine, looks similar to the 125 aircooled rotary valve engine used in the 80's in 125 national karts.
So are these reliable and quick when put up against a Honda red rocket or Yam yz250H
Liverpool UK

Sun Apr 12 2015
jmcrowell at bigpond.com
engine parts
Rotax Bombardier 2002 7550
looking for piston ring set and timing chain

Sat Sep 10 2011
oils in rotax 604
Rotax 604
can anyone tell me type of gearbox oil and quantity please? Also best engine oil?

Sat Jul 31 2010
mlpscster<at>gmaildot com
rotax 250 liquid snowmobile motor
rotax 250c.c super stocker
I need a set of pistons for my 250 s.s.are the cart pistons the same?

Thu Dec 10 2009
post at nwracing.no
Race frames
ESW Rotax
I have a 256 Rotax 250cc inline twin engined ESW roadracer from 1984. Frames was made by Eksju Special Welding and are manufactured in aluminium. It is said that well over houndred was made for mainly Rotax and TZ engines, and that it was one of the first company to produce aluminium frames.

Fri Sep 25 2009
rickylough at yahoodot com
Rotax Opposed Twin
Rotax Engine Rotax
Hello. I have a friend trying to identify a Rotax opposed twin cyl. engine and what years they were made, what kind of motorcycle they were used in and what it's worth may be??? The engine is seized but is complete. Any and all help will be surely appreciated. Looking forward to your reply! Thank you! Rick

Tue Sep 29 2009
wjward99 at aoldot com
Electric starter
rotax 277
Do they make a electric starter for this model? I'm wanting to use it on a boat as a air motor.
Bellville, Tx.

Tue Feb 10 2009
dgentacachem at gmaildot com
Rotax engine kick start
Can-AM ASE 500
I need to know if anyone could help me find a kick starter for a 1985 can-am ase 500.

Tue Feb 10 2009
jp at jpsoftware.co.uk
SWM-1983 Owners-Guide.pdf
Bombardier Can-Am<

I'm trying to find information on the Rotax engine used in my can-am, it's the same engine used in the SWM so I'd like to download the manual but need a password.


Wakefield, UK See Forums for downloads.

Sun Jan 11 2009
stelios.lezgis at gmaildot com
manual rotax 604 ds manual rotax 604 ds
manual ccm 604 ds rotax

Numerous Books & Manuals

Sun Sep 21 2008
Agamedi at northstate.net
Rotax Engine 250cc kick start
Rotax 250cc
We have a rotax engine on a mini sprint car and it is 2 cylinders and kick start has 2 carburetors and we know nothing eles, we cannot even find a place where oil goes into it. If we send someone a picture could it be identified? We think it's 250cc engine, my uncle had a stroke and he built the car, he cannot tell us anything now.
Thomasville, NC

It sounds like a competition engine from the 1980's. Ed.

Fri Mar 07 2008
jwaggy at embarqmaildot com
rotax kart motor
rotax kart
looking for rotax air cooled 250cc or 125cc shifter kart motor running or not

Fri Sep 21 2007
martinarcherco at tiscali.co.uk
rotax engine
Hi i am trying to identify a twin cylinder water cooled rotax engine believed to be 250 cc the cylinders are inline and it appears to have a gearbox at present the engine is fitted to a dino go cart i would think its over 20 years old- any ideas? many thanks martin ps could get a photo if this helps
i have also found the no of the engine V256/1140 if this helps many thanks martin ps- the engine is in a go cart


Mon Jul 16 2007
longevity254 at yahoodot com
Nead parts and info
Rotax 125
Nead parts for rotax 125 around 1996-1998 its on a road race bike

Tue Jun 26 2007
huckero at btinternetdot com
Rotax Acton London 1915

I looking at a map of West London 1915 and spotted something called The Rotax Works (Motor Accessories) in Chandos Road, Acton. Any information about this? Thank you. I am interested in local history, industrial and social in West London.
Dave Hucker.

Sat Dec 16 2006
roblouth at orange.net
Rotax 100cc go kart engines
Hi, I am trying to obtain some info on a rotax go kart engine. Carb settings ect. Thanks Rob.

Tue Dec 05 2006
johnmdove at hotmail.co.uk
Rotax 2 stroke engine wanted
Sirs, I hope this email finds you well.
I am trying to obtain either of the following motors ; 244 GS or MC, 280 GS or MC Rotax 2 strokes in reasonable condition. Any help or direction would be appreciated. John Dove.
Northampton England.

Wed Apr 12 2006
cghunter at supanetdot com
mystery tank
rotax london, birmingham, taunton.
Whilst researching a wartime Hurricane accident what appears to be a copper tank was found, marked Rotax london Birmingham Taunton. As it is made of copper as opposed to light alloy I dont think it is part of the hurricane. If you think you can help I could send a photo and details.
Thanks Chris

There is a Wood-Rotax at the Allen Museum

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