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malcolm.langton at hotmail.co.uk
Armstrong 490 CMX1983
Production run, number produced, race team success, engine/frame numbers, manual, specification, parts supply (struggling with the GRP tank), all would all be of some help.
Thanks, Mal.

    Armstrong image posted to Comments.

stratty66 at hotmail.com
Hi, I am about to start restoring the above bike, are you able to tell me what size front forks were used on this model please, I can't find any info on it at all.
Simon Stratford
Western Australia
Mon, 06 Nov 2017
*fekkelenkamp at gmail.com*
Harley Davidson MT 350 - 1996
My harley Davidson MT 350 with a Rotax 348 cc four stroke.
Zwolle Netherlands

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Wed Nov 16 2016
philip.maton at sky.con
CCM Armstrong MX500
Is there a data base to find out the year of my bike and possibly the matching engine ? Frame number 4 CMX 040 Engine number 212463. Thanks

Mon Jun 28 2010
Serial No 0001
1986 Armstrong 500cc
How can I verify that a serial number on a 1986 Armstrong 500 is accurate. I'm looking at one that says Number 0001. Does this make the bike more valuable?
New York

Sun May 16 2010
rotax spares
Armstrong/canam 240trials
hi there can anyone tell me where i can get spares from for my rotax 240cc powered armstrong im in need of cluch plates and could some one let me known what is the original carbertor would of been and are they still avalible
west sussex

Sun May 16 2010
engine parts
Rotax TL 350
i bought a trials bike with a TL 350 engine. the ruber inlet manifold is split and i need to buy a new one. can you tell me if they are available and where i could buy one from.

Try Burt Flood in Melbourne. Ed.

Tue Mar 23 2010
arbird2680<at>googlemail dot com
MT500 for sale isle of wight
armstrong MT500
iv got a really good condition mt500 for sale for £850 i really want to sell it to one of you guys who would appreciate it rather than a local chav! its E reg 1987 all fittings panniers etc mikuni carb and runs really well please help and ask your members if they would like it call of e mail me 07907151432
isle of wight

Tue Feb 02 2010
mail at VintageMotoring.co.uk
Harley MT350s for sale
Harley Davidson MT350
Have a look at www.VintageMotoring.co.uk they always have Harley MT350 for sale

Tue Oct 27 2009
dave3220 at mac dot com
Armstrong Rotax engined 500 Mil. in USA
Armstrong MT500 EC(?)
Are there any places selling the mil/ex.mil. versions in the U.S.?
Would it be easier to import one thru Canada than directly from someone in the UK?

Dave Orchard
Washington state, USA

Sat Jul 04 2009
mattb1981 at live.co.uk
can am motorcross
can am ccm armstrong 410?
hi i have recently purchased a can am mx bike it has gold ackront wheels grimeca brakes drum rear disc front 2 stroke rotax engine i havent a clue what year it is chassis number is 35 ccm 025 can any 1 help thanks matt

Fri Apr 10 2009
ms.1948 at orange.fr
buying a piece of motorbike engine
Armstrong 560 MX 1988
Bonjour je voudrai savoir comment importer par correspondance une pièce de rechange pour ma moto.
Il s'agit d'un guide de chaine, de couleur gris foncé voir photos jointes.

Thu Jul 24 2008
walnuttruevalue at earthlink.net
Gun Case, Panniers
Armstrong-Harley MT 500
Can someone help me find a gun case and front panniers and plates for an MT500 ?

Sat Mar 22 2008
ian at netvigator dot com
Carbs on an MT500
Armstrong MT500
Dear MT500ers,

I see a number of references where MT500 Owners change the Amal to a Mikuni carb. Is this going to make my Armstorong start easier and run better!?! I'm unable to restart the bike if the engine is warm!? I want to use her for commuting here in HongKong.

Cheers, IAN
Hong Kong

Mon Jan 14 2008
simonwake at gmail dot com
MT500 & MT350 Club/ forum....
Armstrong MT500
We are a forum and club for owners of the Armstrong MT500 and Harley Davidson MT350 Military motorcycles.

Check us out at www.mtridersclub.co.uk

Tue Nov 13 2007
petrolhead7 at tiscali.co.uk
armstrong mt500
Where can I get a replacement exhaust system at a reasonable price(new or good secondhand)

Fri Jun 08 2007
jim.cummings at talk21 dot com
rear wheel
armstrong MT500
I'm looking for a rear wheel for an armstrong mt500 in uk
Glasgow Scotland

Wed Jan 31 2007
neville.hull at tiscali.co.uk
Armstrong spares
Check here for spares

Very nice people and excellent service.
Lincolnshire, England

Thu Jan 25 2007
tenbeers90 at aol dot com
Rotax 500 Armstrong Harley-Davidson
1999 H-D MT 500 Rotax
Hello, I have owned a new condition 99 H-D MT 500 for about a month now. Am getting it sorted out for enduro type riding. Have shop manuals, parts lists with Rotax P/N's and have located a few sources for parts.  Would like to share information with others and discuss tuning, performance options etc.
Alabama USA

Fri Nov 17 2006
pmoon at wyrebc.gov.uk
Armstrong trials for sale
I have an Armstrong trials bike for sale.I'm not sure of exact model.The engine has been rebuilt but a small ammount of work required to finish it.My son is now into grasstrack.A bargin at £350 for rare bike.

Thu sep 14 2006
patton-tgirl at hotmail.com
1984 mt 500 armstrong

I Am from nova scotia can. I Have been blessed with a rotax armstrong motorcycle. I Am trying to find the original part number for a stator assembly for this engine.I have access to several bombardier dealers, but I need to know what part I need. This is canada. They only know about snowmobiles!!!! Please help me.

The Rotax section of Bikelinks may help:

Sun Sep 03 2006
bikerted at talktalk.net
Hi, I have just purchased a MTCV560 it appears there are few about. It as been a struggle to insure. Can anyone tell me anything about them and how many of these bikes are about. thanks...........

Mon Apr 24 2006
advantageeng at quicksilver.net.nz
Armstrong M/C
1982 military
Where can I purchase parts,namly ,speedo drive gear that presses onto front hub(19"wheel) kind regards Nev
New Zealand

Wed Mar 15 2006
ted.barber1 at ntlworld dot com
I own a Armstrong off road bike frame number cmx002 any info would be helpfull as I cant find anything at all about this bike thanks

Thu Feb 09 2006
jane.smith723 at tesco.net
armstrong with 500 rotax engine
do you have info on electrical test readings for generator , pick up& cdi? cheers sam
notts, u.k.

Sun Feb 05 2006
johnbonessnr at aol dot com
armstrong leading link forks.
I have a set of forks without the lower loop fitted,is this fixed onto the fork link bolts by lugs welded to the loop.forks for a cotton telstar or trials.
Cheshire UK

Tue Dec 20 2005
beceboy at shaw.ca
Armstrong Motorcycles
I have recently inherited an Armstrong/Harley Davidson Mt500EC Military bike. I have learned that it was one of only 84 built for the Canadian Military. I am trying to locate any info on this bike. As well I am looking for a parts supplier in North America, preferably Canada. Also, I am trying to come up with a value for insurance purposes?? Any info or help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thnx Glen T.

Fri Sep 23 2005
bobleigh200 at aol dot com
Armstrong 240 Trials
Did they make a 240cc trials 1982 cos I think Ive got one(Rotax lump)will send pic 2moro. ne imfo would be great thanx Bob

Thu Aug 04 2005
touchups at northnet.com.au
Armstrong CMX 125 LC
Do you know of any of these bikes in Australia or USA Thanks John

Sat Jul 02 2005
jeremy.tester1 at btinternet dot com
Armstrong CMT 310
I have recently bought a 1982 Armstrong CMT 310. Does anyone know how I might buy spares or find out more about the (Hiro) engine?

Mon May 16 2005
weneakhborz at yahoo dot com
i have some nice pictures
i wounder if i can send you some pictures for a very nicly rebuilt Armstrong motor bike..
i will be happy to see them on your site..
weneakh borz

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