Can-Am Motorcycles by Bombardier

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Can-Am Motorcycles

Manufactured 1973-1987 by Bombardier.

In 1970, Bombardier created the Can-Am marque. They employed Gary Robinson to head the design team, along with former World Motocross champion Jeff Smith. Their first machines were presented in 1973, all two-strokes, and four-stroke models soon followed. The engines were by Rotax of Austria, a company which Bombardier owned.

Military models were built in Britain by Armstrong Competition Motorcycles and were sold to the British Army, but sales in America were relatively slow.

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scott at swiftbuilders dot ca
Can Am TNT parts
I am in search of signal lights for a TNT I am restoring.
Would you happen to know where I may be able to purchase some?
Thank you in advance!
Scott Price There is a TNT on the following page which appears to have Aprilia indicators. If these are the same as yours it is likely that Gowanloch Motorcycles in Australia can supply them.

kjnotcj at gmail dot com
small question as i can't find the manual. What is the suggested cleaner for the chain and sprocket on my Can Am. (-;
Im looking for parts as well if you have any suggestions. front fender, decals, rear signal light, tail light, grips(or any grip suffices?) and i dont know what battery is available for this bike now or if the original battery is still being sold.
Thank you for any info you may be able to provide,
Alberta Canada

P.S. just a note, i have learned my bike is a 77 not a '76. bill of sale says 76 from waaaaaayyyy back and was registered as such.. but, good to learn this. same questions though.thanks! Can-Am-1977-250cc-KaJ images posted to Comments.
For further information see Chains & Sprockets

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