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Can-Am Military Motorcycles

Classic CanAm
Updated 2/19/2005
Military Vehicles
Images courtesy of Paul Wilkinson WEB: ukcan-am at Email: paul at
Frame ID #'s 8801, 8802 and 8960
Specially outfitted CanAm's were used by the British Army for about 10 years beginning in the early 70's. The Canadian government also used CanAm's, and I've been told that the Belgian Army is still using them. However all photos in this section are from Paul Wilkinson's (U.K.) British military collection. Restoring and collecting these military machines is growing in popularity among CanAm enthusiasts
The military vehicles have full instrumentation and lighting, including turn indicators.
The dependable rotary valve short stroke 250cc engine. This setup delivers smooth power and is incredibly quiet
The U.K. military police CanAm's can be identified by their special red color scheme.

(Special thanks to Miles Davis U.K. for solving the "red bike" mystery).
Right side view.
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A special thanks goes to Paul Wilkinson (U.K.) for contributing to this section. Along with Paul's collection of British Army CanAm military bikes, he has quite an inventory of new and used surplus parts for a variety of CanAm motorcycles.
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