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1992 Aprilia Climber.

The 350cc Armstrong Road Racer used a liquid cooled tandem Rotax engine. (circa 1982)

ATK 406. They started using Rotax 2-stroke motors in the late 1980's. The air-cooled engines were used up to mid-90's when they adopted the liquid cooled design. Rotax 4-strokes were also used. -- owner, Ed Tobin.

A CCM 350 ridden by the Welch team at the German ISDE in 1989. CCM used a 400 Rotax engine and sleeved it down to 350cc. CanAm technology was used by CCM to make motorcycles from 1983 through 1987

1990 Jawa 500R road bike. The Jawa 125cc Junior Grass Track Racer also used Rotax power. Click here to see the Jawa typ 686.



Country of origin unknown. Photo courtesy of Barry Kleiger of The Netherlands.

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