Can-Am Motorcycles by Bombardier

Can-Am Road Racers

C-A road race
The 1984 CanAm production 250 Road Racer. The powerplant consisted of twin 125cc in-line rotary valve liquid cooled engines with independent crankshafts. Rear suspension consisted of a single shock Quad link design, with Marzocchi roadracing forks up front. Braking was accomplished with twin discs forward and a single disc in the rear.
CanAm/Armstrong Road Racer at Mid-Ohio AMA Pro race in 1984. Rider is Jeff Atwood.
CanAm Road Racer. Jim Lill poses with rider Tony Forrett at Summit Point WVA in 1984
Special thanks to Jim Lill (OSSA, Yankee, Armstrong) for allowing me to use the above photos