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Based in Milan, SWM was started by and Fausto Vergani and Piero Sironi in 1971. The company produced a variety of off-road machines including Trails, Motocross and Enduro motorcycles using engines from Sachs and, from 1977, Rotax.

In the early 1980s these bikes were among most important machines in the European enduro championship, and they won several European titles with Brissoni, Andreini, Marinoni, Gritti and other riders. Gilles Burgat won the world trial championship in 1981 mounted upon an SWM.

Modelli regolarita
Modelli cross
Modelli trial
Modelli enduro
Modelli stradali
Modelli ciclomotori
Modelli bambino

Model information and considerably more history available at swm-moto.net

fgarancini at gmail.com
swm mk 80 rc
Salve..mi servirebbero dellefoto del svm mk 80 gs..in particolare i convogliatori radiatore acqua.
Hi .. I would need some photos of the svm mk 80 gs..in particular the radiator water coolers.thanks,
grazie, franco.
Arcore (mb) italia
frankhinc at hotmail.com
SWM 350 XP Sahara 1982
Hi, I was looking for any information on my SWM 350 XP Sahara, a model possibly a prototype made for the Milan show prior to their demise, can only find artists impressions of what they had intended to make, also need a few parts which are common with the 350XN, rear mudguard assembly, rear footrests+ mounts, Headlight.
Exeter, UK
hughesfam_5 at hotmail.com
1982 swm tl240
Looking for a kick start lever and a kick stand for 1982 swm tl240
16-Oct-2018 paul.thomason at ntlworld.com
Theres a Steve Johnson (sj3347132), from USA tried to rip me off by offering to sell me parts from a bike he is supposedly breaking. When he showed me the photo, it is a photo of MY OWN BIKE! PS the photo is of an SWM under the name of Paul Mason, but my name is actually Paul Thomason
Paul Thomason
England, Near Coventry
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Tue Feb 21 2017
adrian.weller at thermofisher.com
Cork Clutch plate
SWM 280 cc 1983
Hello, I'm after a single cork clutch plate as I appear to have lost one in my rebuild of the SWM. Do you know of one for sale please?
Fri Mar 04 2016
Paul.thomason at ntlworld.com
Kick start hub required
SWM TL 125
I am looking for a kick start hub for a TL 125 with good internal teeth
Kenilworth England
  • SWM-1981c-TL125-UK images have added to the SWM owners gallery, and also posted to Comments.

Thu Oct 22 2015
Robbetts123456789 at gmail.com
age of bike
swm tl 125
I am biding on a swm tl 125 1985 did thay still make them then?

Thu Apr 17 2014
swm jumbo 350tl 1981
i have one for sale

Tue Feb 11 2014

mini cross 50 SWM
bonjour je rénove pour mon fils de 6 ANS une mini cross 50 SWM annee 1979 VERT ET JAUNE
je suis a la recherche du garde boue avant et arriere et la plaque devant avec le numéro
merci d'avance pour votre réponse

Sun Feb 05 2012

Piston & ring: SWM RS125GS, 1982
SWM RS125GS, 1982

I'm looking for a piston, ring, gudgeon pin, small end bearing.

54.25 or 54.5mm for my SWM RS125GS, 1982 fitted with a Rotax motor.

I'm also looking for plastic side covers, front mudguard, tank box cover and strap, and light switch.

Can you help or tell me where I can obtain these spares?

I am racing VMX on 18 March 2012 so need at least the engine parts urgently.

Thank you

Pretoria, South Africa

Sat Dec 25 2010
blahay<at>msndot com
Still available?
SWM 440 Enduro
Saw this SWM 440 Enduro for sale in Holland, on your web site. Is it still available
Iowa, USA

Fri Oct 22 2010
Historic Register SWM SVM
Historic Register SWM SVM MOTO REGISTRO STORICO SWM RS SWM GS speedy working motors, SVM, Societa Veicoli Milanese, Pietro Sironi, Fausto Vergani, Mauro Sironi, Sironi Vergani Vimercate Milano, regolarit&agrave;, trial, cross, enduro, strada

Tue Aug 03 2010
SWM for sale
swm tl 50
hi, i have a swm tl 50 in VEERY good condition for sale! 95% complete, runs very well from 1st kick! interested? mail me janos at silverserver.at and i will answer any question and send some more pics. regards, jan

Mon Jun 21 2010
davidprice<at>zcwukdot com
swm tank cover
swm tf 250
need a tool box cover for a restoration on a swm 250 1981 can anyone help

Mon Mar 29 2010
Swm Rs 250 Gs
SWM RS 250 Gs
Hi does anyone have a wiring diagram for me for my SWM RS 250 GS, and how much is it worth? I want to get rid of it cause it is hard to find parts in south-africa


Sun Mar 28 2010
buy 250 swm gs
swm 250 swm or 240 bps french
in the 80s iwas driving in zaire(africa) 250gs after the 440 is was the best bike in the 80
many thanks

Sun Feb 07 2010
m.x.t at abv.bg
SWM 50
SWM minareli 50
I have motorcycle SWM 50 in very good condition.I want to sell.Can you help me?

Wed Jan 13 2010
eivind.astrup at gmaildot com
flywheel bosch SWM 125 TL
Want to buy flywheel for swm 125 trial bombardier rotax engine
part no: 0212 199019

Wed Jun 10 2009
magrin.thierry at neuf.fr
SWM 250 TF1
I look for a swm 250 tf1 for buy...thank

Sun Mar 29 2009
parry.craig at yahoo.com.au
swm decompressor
SWM 1983 440 GS
Is there an aftremarket decompressor kit available to suit this rotax motor as there is limited kick starter travel and its a bitch to start

Fri Feb 27 2009
francois.sheila at gmaildot com
engine info on SWM 250 cc
swm 250
I would like to know how do you retenton the kick stater spring and the right setting for the intake plate ( reed valve) because i'm battling to get preformance, thanks
South Africa
Thanks for responding, yes i have a pic or 2 and its a RS 250 GS FT/1 reading from the info plate.
I have worked on it over the weekend and it pulls better but not like a 2-stroke should be, see it a nice but strange bike, haven't seen one like thise before

Thanks Francois

Sat Nov 22 2008
heurlin.thierry at neuf.fr
old pub
swm or bps 250
this is the french brand for SWM

Wed Nov 19 2008
juha.lamberg at empower.fi
User guide
SWM TL 125
I would like to down load SWM TL user manual because I have two TL 125 bikes. Both are in running condition, but I need to open both engines during the winter. All documents are welcome. ps I also have Fantic 240 and BSA B40. BR Juha Lamberg
Tervakoski, Finland
At the moment I don't, but I can take some and send.
We have round 50 persons that are pretty active on classic trial. 3-4 clubs arrange approx. 10 events per year. Here is the link where you can find several pics of claasic bikes on a ride: http://www.kymalainen.net/
Unfortunally all text is in finnish. There are additional links to pics, usually containing word "kuva"


Sat Mar 29 2008
jgonzalez003 at ca.rrdot com
1982 TL320 SWM Trials Motorcycle
Hello Anyone,

I live in Riverside, California and have an 1982 TL320 SWM Trials Motorcycle, and would like to GIVE it away. It is not running and needs a lot of work. Anyone interested in a free motorcycle?
Joe - 3-28-08
Riverside, California

Sun Mar 09 2008
klompi at online.no
SWM Mini Cross 50
Hi I just got a hold on a swm mini cross 50 (green and yellow. Probably from araound 1976-80, and searching for some parts for this bike. Need a gasket set for the Morini Franco Engine F.M. S5, a front and rear fender. And any hints and tips received will be much appreciated. Thanks Thomas S. Norway

Wed Mar 05 2008
chuck77x at yahoodot com
1979/80 SWM 370/406 CROSS
SWM 370/406 CROSS
I am looking for parts for a 1979/80 370/406 cross. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated. My name is charles watson I live in california usa thank you

Mon Feb 25 2008
roger.furness55 at googlemaildot com
SWM - Italy
SWM 13" SWM Steering Wheel
Hi, Trying to find a SWM 13" Steering Wheel, 3 spoke alloy and leather or any information to do with SWM making these wheels. I think they might have be sold through Momo in the UK. Would appreciate any help.Roger Furness
Buxton, Derbyshire,UK

Sat Feb 23 2008
chuck77x at yahoodot com

Mon Feb 18 2008
jorritluiten544 at hotmaildot com
swm parts
18-2-08 swm/rotax
i read that many people here are searching for swm parts. look at www.rotaxsales.be i have a swm restored myself and all the parts for it i have bought there, i hope it will be usefull for you
greets jorrit

Sun Feb 17 2008
dmei779928 at aoldot com
gas tank
SWM 320 TL
I am in need of a gas tank in perfect condition. I want to restore my SWM to showroom condition.

Sat Jan 26 2008
jwaggy at embarqmaildot com
swm 78-79 Gs 250
Wanted: looking for a 78 or 79
SWM GS 250 frame,swingarm, tank,seat, airbox,rear wheel

Sun Oct 14 2007
flacen at hotmaildot com
125 cc Piston
Trial SWM 125 ??
Hi, I have a Swm 125cc trialbike, i dont know what year it was made, i think the model is called TL125 or something like that(http://www.answers.com/topic/swm-wiki-jpg).
I wonder if there are any places where i can order a new piston for my engine?
// Jacob

Thu Sep 27 2007
willfutch at yahoodot com
swm 320 4 sail
swm 320 1981
woula like 2 sell in usa

Mon Sep 10 2007
etyv at hotmail.fr
Cherche pieces swm RS240GS TF1

hi, i m french, so be cool with my bad english
Im search some parts of one SWM RS240GS TF1, for informations, piston and "CYLINDRE" (sorry for not traduction) because we haven't that in france.
Who can help me to repair this rotax motor (1982)?

Sat May 26 2007
dmei779928 at aoldot com
TL 320 - 1982
I just bought the above SWM a few weeks ago and it came with the owners manuel! If anyone would like a copy let me know and I'll scan it.
Sacramento, CA

If you do scan it, please send a copy and I'll post it on this site. Ed. Sorry about being so late with the scan, but here it is. I am also looking for a perfect condition gas tank for a 1983 TL 320. If you happen to know anyone who has one please let me know.


SWM-1983 Owners-Guide.pdf (1.2 megs)

Thu May 17 2007
Sale of SWM- Motorcycle
gs 50 sv
I would like to sell my 1978 SWM GS 50 SV (number A0017). Excellent condition; restored; speedometer is missing; bike rested since 1980 in garage; Please contact me via e-mail.

Tue Dec 26 2006
genetuck at yahoodot com
SWM Parts
SWM Trials, 320 & 240, 1981-1982
I have a collection of new/old stock parts for the 320 and 240 SWM trials bikes. Very reasonable prices. Contact me for individual parts or the entire collection.
The parts include springs, bearings, rubber parts, spokes, levers, lever & perch, capacitor, flywheel puller, bolts, cables, etc, complete inventory from part-time dealership in 1982. Also have some montesa parts from late eighties.
Mon Jan 15 2007
SWM parts SOLD
Early 80's 320 & 240
Stuart Clements of England bought all my SWM parts.

Sat Dec 16 2006
stefan.and at teliadot com
SWM ca -80
Where can i find spareparts and a sktch on the motor

Sat Oct 21 2006
keithtaylor68135 at yahoodot com
SWM 80cc minarelli watercooled engine
I need help with finding parts for a 1984 SWM MK80GS. Any parts or sources of parts would be greatly appreciated.
Omaha, NE

Wed Oct 04 2006
peverett at tusco.net
European Dirt Bikes.
Kramit & Kramer & SWM Etc.

Is any of these in business? Please let me know.

United States, Ohio

Sun Jul 09 2006
paterson.g at shaw.ca
Intake gasket
SWM 320 TL
I have an SWM 1982 320 TL and need an intake boot for it. Can anyone help?

Sat Jul 01 2006
lorenzosantangelo at pedrastonedot com
I have a SWM SILVER VASE 50 cc 1976 , Sachs 6 speeds engine, perfect conditions with all original parts. This model of motorcycle has been produced in 200 units for enduro races. I am selling it.
For any informations, contact me.
Lorenzo Santangelo
Lecco - Italy
I am sending you a picture of the same motorcycle , but this is not a picture of my own one. It' s just to show you the type. The only difference is that the chassis of my one has been painted in red colour 18 years ago. The conservation conditions are the same of the one you can see on the picture.

Best regards.

Fri Mar 31 2006
ramoncasals13 at hotmaildot com
swm 440 enduro

i would like to buy

Tue Mar 07 2006
jmbader at lefigaro.fr
Just a quickie. Is the SWM 440 whose photo is on your site, still for sale. Price? Year of make? Papers?

Tue Jan 31 2006
armin.bodner at gmx.at
Hi there!

I've got a smw 320TL trial, and a great problem. my engine is broke, so i need a cylindre. could you tell me a shop or person who sells (used) parts for swm trials.

greetings armin b

Thx for your respond, but now i know my problem, and i don't wanna repair the trial. it's some part in the (i don't know the name in english) kurbelwelle that is broke. and i don't wanna invest much money and time in repairing it. So, i have to give the trial away. If you know someone, who needs parts, you can tell me.

thx, bye

Fri Dec 30 2005
motoswm at hotmaildot com
SWM trials and enduro spares.
I have a large range of new SWM trials and enduro spares available. These now include new front and rear mudguards made from vacuum formed plastic, more information at www.motoswm.com

Tue Dec 13 2005
xsnoopyx1961 at aoldot com
swm 50cc trial
help were do you find spares for them if any one out there know
please email me

Sat Nov 19 2005
ginoles at uk2.net
SWM 175 & 250
Have just purchased a 175&250 and need a little info. There is a black plastic filler plug behind cylinder and on top of block . It also acts as a breather. Could somebody please tell me what fluid goes in here. Also the two plastic screw plugs on the clutch side, are they for level of fluid and also what fluid goes in. If anyone has manuals on the bikes I would be most grateful

Tue Oct 25 2005
rpcoaltrain at aoldot com
1983 swm jumbo
Clutch will not release, when the clutch is adjusted to release it will slip in higher rpms. also looking for rear fender. Thanks, Ross

Fri Oct 21 2005
billy at firstfixscotlanddot com
find parts supplier
I have recently got hold of a swm GS 440 enduro bike . unfortunitly for me it came in boxes , but it'll make a good winter project. There are a few bits missing so if there is anyone out there that knows of a good source of parts I would love to know there where abouts and get this lovely old machine restored to it former glory , thanks in advance , Bill

Mon Jul 18 2005
nhy10 at junodot com
pic of my 1979 SWM 250GS
i just restored this machine . still looking for new side panels. Enjoy!! (post it on your site if you like) I live in Illinois USA

Mon Jul 04 2005
edwin.de.graaf at pandora.be
SWM 50cc junior cross '76
Hallo, Ben op zoek naar onderdelen. Waar kan ik deze vinden.Ik woon in Lommel Belgié. Groeten Edwin.

Tue Jun 14 2005
olaf.bootsma at planet.nl
I have i nearly "new" SWM 440 enduro with dutch registrecion.
Foto on www.speurders.nl

April 06 - Bike withdrawn and is no longer for sale.

January 5th 2005
subject: SWM PARTS
Email: Mrkennedy1 at cox.net
message: Hello, I need parts for a 1982 swm tl 320, a carb to air box boot,a front fender,(yellow)a idle screw for a deloroto and seat straps and maybe a seat. How much would these parts cost in u.s. Currency including shipping, and how would I pay for them thank you

November 27, 2002
Hi my name is John. I have a 1982 280 SWM trails bike that I bought new. I rode this bike in the expert class until late 1985. at 25 years old I quit riding altogether. in the year 2000 I went back to riding in a local east coast club (mavt.org) . the 280 only needed new tires to be brought back to life .what a great bike! now I have 4 280s, a 1979, a 1981, and 2 1982s. if you go to mavt.org (404) you can see great action photos of 3 riders of SWM`s on the expert line ....thanks....johnnyb -- johnnybswm at netzero.net

November 11, 2002
Anyone looking for SWM trials spares - we have a list of items available at r2wracing.co.uk , also plenty of other interesting Trials info on the site. Martin Matthews, motoswm at hotmaildot com

November 4, 2002
Can you help? Do you know of any motorbike spares shop or a source that can supply engine parts for a 125 cc Rotax bombardier engine 2 stroke from a 1979 twin shock SWM many thanks for any information you may have! -- Matt Collins -- Herts -- matc76 at hotmaildot com

October 31, 2002
I have a SWM 320 (280TL) frame number MT3200134410, clutch wont disengage, have not got the knowledge to fix it, engine runs fine, bike mostly complete. £200 buyer collects, or can deliver in U.K. if costs are covered. neil at iddison.co.uk

September 16, 2002
For some great pictures and info on SWM and other brands, check out the Enduro ClassiX Europe site at :
fortunecity.de/olympia/kraft/76/ (404) -- Enjoy! Chip -- chipt at specialtymovingdot com

August 17, 2002
where does a person go to get parts? -- kirschner at joinkdot com

June 28, 2002
Hey Guys,
I am a owner of a SMW Trials bike, one like the pictures of the man doing the demo. I am just wondering where I can get parts for if I break mine. I live in Montana and I ride a lot in the mountains and it is perfect for that. Any help with the parts seller locator would be greatly appreciated. E-Mail me at sledneck2002 at foxracing.every1.net -- Thanks -- Scott David -- Kalispell, Montana

June 18, 2002
SWM 350 jumbo
Does anyone have an opinion on how good / bad these bikes are for today's twin shock trials. -- Thanks for your help. -- Matt -- IMCEAX400 at cec.eu.int

June 17, 2002
I have a rolling chassis SWM complete less engine. an 80cc trials, original and in good condition, tank seat, mudguards, forks wheels, all in good condition. anyone interested could make me an offer. e-mail chris at upperhieghts8fsnet.co.uk

June 10, 2002
Hi Martin
Just bought a TL 240 trials and in the process of getting it ready for the coming season. I am on the look out for a front brake cable, `cut out` cable and switch and maybe a new throttle cable and assembly. I'll know more about the state of the brakes when I get it started. Can you help with any of this or point me in the right direction?
Its not in to bad nick considering! Tank has faded, seats a bit tatty and panels are a bit rough!! New rims and spokes look great. -- Do you know what mixture it will on, I'm guessing 50:1.
Looking through the SWM site there's not a lot of mention about the TL240.!!
Many thanks
Trevor Daghorn
E-mail trevor.daghorn at uk.standardchartereddot com

May 14, 2002
Hello, I have a SWM TL50 trials bike for sale 1981 model, yellow plastics, black frame, very good original condition. Road registered, one owner from new, frame number 003. £500 (UK) e-mail Renhaminmotion at aoldot com

May 5, 2002
Hello. I've purchased the 370 SWM advertised for sale at your website. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who are also interested in these bikes. I'm looking for anyone with a parts source or shop manual or information in general. Thanks, and happy trails! (Or should I say trials!) Dennis Schell, Shingletown, CA -- bucksowin at hotmail.com

April 18, 2002
Hi guys
Check this site for CanAm parts and also, a very SWM photo from the 80s. http://www2.xtdl.com/~rk/ [404]
Yves Doyon -- yves.doyon at tpsgc.gc.ca

April 17, 2002
I collect SWM trials bikes and over the years have acquired a lot of new and used spares for all models. If anyone needs spares, I am happy to sell or swap items, and can be contacted by e-mail at motoswm at hotmaildot com - Martin Matthews

April 9, 2002
Can anyone fill me in on what happened to the molds for the plastic parts for the MC and GS models or where one might be able to find these parts. smh296 at aoldot com

April 9, 2002
Here is a photo of my TL 320 1983 at a local motorcycle show in the 80s. We had a little demo to try and interest new riders in trials, we got 3 new ones that year. Thanks, this a great and useful site, Yves -- yves.doyon at tpsgc.gc.ca

March 31, 2002
I saw your details about SWM motorcycles, I have a 370 I brought with me from the UK to Canada its for sale if your interested, email me or phone
(This has now been Sold), I'm in eastern Ontario. -- Dominic & Scarlett

ps the seat is now back on as I had it recovered in black leather. the bike is restored onto a powder coated frame and is all running and runs great.

March 18, 2002
J'ai à faire partager mon expérience de recherche de pièces SWM.
Je pense que votre site pourrais faire gagner beaucoup de temps aux gens qui recherchent ce type de pièces.

1] Moteur :
Beaucoup de SWM sont équipés de moteurs Rotax, la société SWM Europa basée en France peut fournir tout type de pièce pour ces moteurs.

Leur adresse :
SWM Europa
rue des Ailes Volantes
43 320 Chaspuzac
Tél : 04 71 08 03 08
Fax : 04 71 08 03 00
Site : http://www.swmeuropa.com

2] Autres pièces :
Là ça se complique, il faut parler Italien pour y comprendre quelque chose.
Il y a du côté de Milan une petite société qui a un stock important de pièces neuves (Ils ont même quelques motos neuves).

via Sant' Ambrogio 11
20030 Palazzolo Milanese MI
Tel. ++39-02-910.3788
Fax. ++39-02-910.2517
Site: http://www.swm-moto.net

En parcourant le site il faut savoir qu'en Italien "ricambi accessori" signifie "pièces détachées" et là c'est la caserne d'Ali Baba comme disait Coluche.
Voici un exemple des prix qui sont pratiqués :

SERBATOIO TLNW plastica giallo (Réservoir de 320 TL) : 414 F
COPPIA FIANC TLNW giallo (Caches latéraux de 320 TL) : 207 F
PARAFANGO ANT TLNW betor giallo (Garde boue avant) : 207 F
PARAF POST V.R. TL/TLNW (Garde boue arrière en fibre de verre) 241 F
CAVALLETTO TL/TLNW (Béquille) : 121 F

Pour commander, le plus dur est de trouver quelqu'un qui parle Italien (Ils ne répondent pas aux mails en Anglais), puis confirmer la commande par Fax.

Vous recevez votre colis quelques semaines plus tard par la poste contre remboursement, c'est magique !!!


From Alta Vista's BabelFish:
Hello, I have to make share my experiment of search for parts SWM. I think that your site could save much time with people who seek this type of parts. 1 ] Driving: Much SWM is been driven by engines Rotax, company SWM Europa based in France can provide any type of part for these engines. Their address: SWM Europa street of the Hang-gliders 43 320 Chaspuzac Site: http://www.swmeuropa.com 2 ] Other parts: There that becomes complicated, it is necessary to speak Italian to include/understand something there. There is side of Milan a small company which has a significant stock of new parts (They have even some new motor bikes). REGISTRO STORICO SWM via Sant' Ambrogio 11 ... You receive your parcel later a few weeks by the post office against refunding, it is magic!!! Codialement C.cedard

December 17, 2001
Hello again, project SWM is now complete!
The last components always seem to take the most time, i.e hand made tank, tank/seat cover, side stand & graphics. I have yet to try it out in a trial yet, but it appears not to have a shortage of power! (partly due to the electronic ignition) and believe me, it sounds awesome!
Sorry but all the parts made are strictly one-offs, and we won't be making any more!!!!!!!!
anthony.seales at lineone.net

November 18, 2001
I have some SWM GS parts if anyone is looking. smh296 at aoldot com

November 16, 2001
I have a couple of SWM motorcycles. I assume they are from the 80's, but I do not have a clear idea of the model and year. No one is working. One have problems with the kick start, an the other is unmounted in boxes. I want to get one running, and I wonder how to get parts, parts manuals, and workshop manuals, to understand and repair them. I would appreciate any help.
-- Regards, -- Gonzalo Gonzalez -- G.GONZALEZ.P at terra.es

October 30, 2001
I have a 1982 SWM 320 TL and I'm trying to find original plastics (mudguards, side panels and tank) and crutch. Have you any address where I can find them ?

Christophe CEDARD
+33 142 75 40 25 (Office)
+33 609 10 95 71 (GSM)
ccedard at megadot com
ccedard at club-internet.fr

October 24, 2001
Hi, my name is Rob Langlands I live in Australia and I am in need of any information and parts suppliers of SWM motorcycles. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -- Kind Regards -- Rob Langlands -- robleoni at tpg.com.au

October 17, 2001
Can you help me? I've bought a SMW 50ccm. It has a 6-gear Sachs engine with ca.8PS. Frame-number is 0028. It was built in the years 1978 to 1981. -- Thanks -- Mario Funk -- funghifunk at web.de

August 1, 2001
I am in the process of restoring a SWM 320 Jumbo (blue and Yellow twin shock). It had been in a front end accident and the triple clamps as well as fork steer tube and bearings are missing, one fork slider has a bite out of it. Does anyone have an idea of where to source these parts, ether SWM or compatible. If all else fails I will machine new triple clamps, but if that is the case I need to know the fork leg spacing and offsets.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. -- Ivan Samila -- isamila at motionconcepts.cc

July 8, 2001
You can get lots of parts and information, including sales and service literature from Lee Mathews of Iowa Wheel Sports, 1562 Hwy. 117N, Colfax, IA, 50054. Phone 515-674-4025.

I have an 83 350 Jumbo TL and Lee has helped me the few times I have needed anything. These are amazing bikes for their age. I would love to have another one or two, if I could find them here in Hawaii!

Good luck and Aloha. -- Andy Cooley, Honolulu -- sandycooley at hotmaildot com

July 6, 2001
I am the owner of a 1983 SWM TL 350 JUMBO. The bike that I have is rather special. As far as I can tell the original tires are still in the rims. The bars and grips are still original. The paint is not completely worn off the frame and the Jumbo 350 sticker on the side panels are just starting to show wear. (None of it was worn when I purchased the bike in 1993 or there about.) The chain and sprockets are original. There are no scratches on the skid plate or any of the plastic. This bike is so clean and original it is almost unbelievable.

It is currently hanging from the ceiling in my shop, serving more as art than transportation or sport.

In addition, I have the following: The original sales flyer (One page, 2 sided color showing progression from '78 -'83 bikes all TLC and complete spec. sheet on back. The photo is identical to the one on SWM-MOTO page), Importer's & Manufacturer's Statement of Origin to a Motor Vehicle (Signed by Secretary of SWM), Jumbo Setup Spec. Sheet, Owner's Guide, the "Scheda Tecnica" (all in Italian) and finally the original sales receipt from Crooks Cycle in Heber AZ. For those interested, it sold for $2499.00. I even happen to personally know the original owner, we still live in the same town.

As maybe common knowledge SWM - USA was based in Mesa Arizona, according to the addresses on all of this literature. All of the manuals etc. are carbon copies in black and white and appear to have been type written while illustrations and photos are poor at best.

If anyone is interested in the literature, copies can be made and sent at a nominal fee. As far as the bike itself is concerned, I like it a lot and I paid too much for it, but I wanted it. It is not every day that you come across a motorcycle of this sort in such clean and original condition. I got on the Internet because an individual came to me with interest in purchasing the bike so I thought it best to research the value. And here I find that there are a number of SWM junkies out there.

Pictures can also be posted if there is any interest.
Complete information is as follows:
Model: RS350TLNW-FA Gara
Mfr's Serial No.: *USA*G*178776

Ryan B Dean -- audioe at junodot com

June 27, 2001
I have a 1974 320 SWM serial USA*SWM*F*TL*0010*. The supposed story that goes with it is that it was used by some US member of that years ISDT team, or some US rider competing in World Trials in Europe. The bike is complete but for one side cover, runs, and is 100% original. If anybody anywhere knows anything about this handsome lil' rig, please let me know. -- jtwood -- jtwood at nehp.net

May 3, 2001
I am a collector of Armstrong mt 500 military bikes, i found out that the original design of this bike was from an XN Tornado made by SWM prior to the companies demise in the late seventies. I am trying to find out more about this bike but not having any success. Can you help? -- thanks -- Paul -- p.pini at ntlworlddot com

February 11, 2001
Can anyone help me find out more about a bike I have just bought. It was described as a "Sammy Miller Special". I have looked at the SWM-MOTO web site but cannot find this model. White frame, yellow tank etc. Rotax 280TL two stroke. Engine no: appears to be 134419 cannot find a model number. Bike frame has a serial number on the headstock +MT3200134410+ I am not certain about the first "3" as it is very faint. Is the model No: MT320 ?,can anyone "decode" the frame number? I have a Rotax parts list Nr.336 for Motor Type 280TL.SWM (1980)Edition. Does the Rotax engine date the bike to 1978-1982.

Replies to: watersoftltd at hotmaildot com -- thank you. -- Neil.

January 27, 2001
I have just got a 350 SWM trails bike with a bombardier rotax engine and am looking to restore it. Unfortunately, I cannot find any information on it. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me any information on this bike.
Philip Wilkinson, -- philip-wilkinson at ntlworlddot com

We suggest you try a translation tool as this site is all in Italian, but it is a great site.

January 14, 2001
Merci beaucoup pour ce site où j'ai enfin pu trouver le site spécial SWM et un site BENELLI .
La modification de Anthony SEALES et ses photos sont sensationnelles : il manque la photo de l'avant de sa moto et une vue cloblale de sa SWM.
Je recherche une SWM TL 50 et une 329 TRL MJ ou une JUMBO : peut importe l'état.J'ai une 247 COTA et une Bultaco Sherpa 350 à échanger contre des SWM.
georges MARIE tel 04 50 60 70 43 fax 04 50 60 73 03 en France dans les alpes au bord du lac d'Annecy.
-- Georges MARIE -- VILLA.TRANQUILLE at wanadoo.fr

From Sheldon: The best I can do in translation:
Thank you very much for this site about SWM and BENELLI. The modification of Anthony Seales and his photographs are sensational: I wish there were also photos of it before modification. I seek a SWM TL 50 and one 329 TRL MJ or a Jumbo: I have a 247 COTA and Bultaco Sherpa 350 to exchange for a SWM. George MARIE Telephone 04 50 60 70 43 fax 04 50 60 73 03 in France in the Alps at the edge of the Annecy Lake -- George MARIE -- villa.tranquille at wanadoo.fr

December 27, 2000
Can anyone help locating parts too my swm rs125mc -79?
I need information about the clutch. Got it in parts and it don't work. My English is not the best but I am looking for the sidepieces, the ones that's the number I on. Don't know what it says on English. Would be glad if anyone had any information or parts. -- mad-dog104 at hotmaildot com -- Robert Eriksson Sweden

December 26, 2000
Hi there, pleased to see there are still a few of these machines knocking about, these are pictures of my 1983 SWM 320 TL (280cc disc-valve Rotax) undergoing restoration. It was one of the late models fitted with aluminum swinging arm, engine cases come from 1988 Aprilia TXR and are more slimline than the originals. I rode this 2 years ago (unrestored) at a round of the British twinshock championships, even though the bike was very tired I still managed to claim 6th position, showing just how good these machines actually were.

My father has constructed a mould to make the rear mudguard you see here in these photos.
Anthony Seales. -- anthony.seales at virginnet.co.uk

December 25, 2000
Can anyone help me in locating parts for a 50 cc SWM miincycle. -- Johnson Kalawe -- kahuwai at webtv.net

December 20, 2000
1984 SWM 350TL Jumbo trials bike, all stock, runs and looks great asking $1795.00 OBO. Located in central Florida. Call 321-633-6663 or e-mail morenmore at mindspringdot com

November 6, 2000
Hi-I have a 1981 SWM TL320 trials bike(yellow/black frame/coutard model). It has a Rotax 280cc rotary valve engine. I am looking for the valve side o-ring and seal. Also when I removed the rotary valve cover the valve disc came off with the cover and I would really appreciate any info on how to align the rotary disc for re assembly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. -- James Lackey -- Chip at Lackey.tc

September 21, 2000
I have a 1980 SWM 250 motorcycle that I need parts for, such as gear shifter and kick starter. I would like to overhaul the moto and carb somday. where could I find parts for this restoration? The only thing I have to say about this bike is it's a shame they aren't around. This was one "bad" dirt bike. -- Bruce A. -- Newton, Iowa -- newtonconstruction at homedot com

August 4, 2000
Hi, Finally I found a site that gets me in contact with other SWM owners. In the 70´s and early 80´s I had a SWM child´s bike (50 cc). So to say the steppingboard into the wounderful world of motoring. Sadly it had to be sold in favour of a Suzuki 80 cc(!!!). Well, after a couple of years and renovations of a MG Midget, Moto Morini 125cc and Ducati 175cc I turn my interest to another object. Guess what? My father found a SWM 50 cc and bought it in true nostalgia. Though this little bike is in a need of restoration. I guess that it is a little bit younger then the bike I used to have as a child. It has really neat light alloy wheels instead of wire wheels as mine had. I am going to bring it back to the original paintwork. Bright red tank part white, red frame and white mudguards.

As always any information about the 50 cc child´s bikes are of great value to me. I also search for a contact in Europe that can give me info about where I can find original mudguards and where I can obtain an image of the original SWM Logo or if it´s possible a real sticker.

Anton Svensson
antis at telia.com

July 12, 2000
I am a French collector of SWM bike, for the moment I have only 3 bikes and I am looking for others.
The bike were powered by Sachs 6 speeds (1972-1976), Sachs 7 speeds (1976-1979) Rotax (1978-1982) and Tau (1983)
The company started in 1972 and stopped in 1983. If you want more info on the bikes and the company you can go to the site :
you will find the history of the company and photos of bikes.
We have in France a club for persons who have SWM bikes, there are about 150 restored bikes in France from 50cc to 440cc two strokes .

My bikes are :
SILVER VASE 250 7V (1976)
SILVER VASE 175 7V (1977)
RSGS 125 TF1 (1980)

Most of the part (especialy plastic fenders) can be found in Italy were these bikes are very popular.

You can find rear fender new (vaccum).

For further information :
TEL : 02 47 76 04 54
vchaudun at invacaredot com

July 10, 2000
Please help me with all technical data you have on SWM 350 NX, with Rotax 4 stroke engine, year 1982. Thank you in advance -- floting at aaronsmaildot com

June 28 2000
I have an SWM RSGS 125 not sure of the year, early seventies, used it for enduro, looks superb , great little bike, fast, handled great ( had a road registered YZ125 before it, the SWM was MUCH better the faster you went the better it got, unlike the YZ) Mine has the Rotax engine ( air cooled) and straight fork legs ( not offset front axel) made this really cool whirring noise once you really pushed it, not sure if this was the disk valve or the straight cut primary gears.

Currently have in storage in Australia - one day will get back there I hope.

Bits for SWMs not easy to come by Bert Flood Motorcycles in Melbourne was the importer in Australia but when SWM went belly up all the spares were sold but I have never been able to find out to who. There is also a guy on the North Coat of NSW (Australia) who has several SWMs I will see if I can contact him to see if he knows where there are any bits ( I would like the original headlight/numberplate and rear guard and tail light for one thing ).I have the original owners manual and tool kit for mine.

I have also had a KTM 125 XC 1995, fast nice bike , reminded me of the SWM.
Chris Maloney -- Chris.Maloney at icn.siemens.de

May 18, 2000
Good to see people worldwide are interested in swm<
Augusto Abril -- augustoa at arspublicidad.net

April 11, 2000
I used to race SWM's in Florida (FTR enduro and hare scrambles series) on 250 MX models in the late 70's and early 80's. The bike was very fast, light, handled and stopped great and was generally way ahead of its time. I just acquired a 1980 GS 370 enduro model that I am restoring. I need a carb to airbox boot, side panels, fenders, and exhaust silencer to be 100%. Any help or info will be appreciated. Located in Central Florida, ph# 407-633-6663, -- Thanks -- Rory -- morenmore at mindspringdot com

February 22, 2000
I have a 1983 SWM 320 trials bike that I have a lot of fond memories riding and competing on. This is the model that Bernie Schriebner won the Scottish six day trial on. The motor is a 277cc rotex that has a reputation of smooth low RPM power that was ideal for the riding style at that time. My bike has been stored for a few years now because I can't get a spark. I also cant find parts or someone that can work on it. My name is Bob Long, I live in Michigan and my e-mail is bobbarb at net-link.net Any help would be appreciated.

February 2, 2000
I'm currently restoring an SWM TL280, a 1981/82 model with a view to competing on it in local trials. I'm trying to find original plastics, particularly mudguards and side panels. Can anyone make any suggestions where I might be able to find them, or indeed any other original parts?

Ian Speed
Support Centre Manager
NSB Retail Solutions Limited
direct line: 01332 285722
mobile: 0467 370466
e-mail: ian-speed at nsb.co.uk

January 24, 2000
Hi, this is Bill from California US. I wonder if you can help me? I am looking for a clutch cover for Jumbo SWM 350 (348.5 ) motor 178687. Can you help me? My e-mail v.lyashenko at worldnet.att.net Thank you very much.

December 28, 1999,
Finally stumbled across your website about SWM Bikes. I have a TL320 NW Trials. It's a 1981 SWM and it appears to be very rare. Do you know of any place or person that may have parts for these (air cleaner complete without intake box, original head & tail light - if they came with them - I have wiring diagram showing this bike with lights). Also do you know of any websites that may pertain to this motorcycle.

Canadian Dealer was Mountain Motorcycles - still in business today selling gas gas but went out of dealing SWM in 1983 when the molds were stolen and taken to France. The bikes that were produced in France were of poor quality and soon after were never heard from again. This is what I have heard (third party info). -- gumby-booty -- gumby.booty at telus.net

September 27, 1999
SWM was an Italian mark of the seventies and eighties. First, they were equipped with Sach engines, but the most winning bikes of SWM were equipped with Rotax engines. At the least they equipped them with liquid cooling too. In the first part of the eighties these bikes were the most important bikes in the European enduro championship, and they won several European championships with Brissoni, Andreini, Marinoni, Gritti,etc, and with Gilles Burgat, SWM won the world trial championship in 1981 with its TRIAL GUANACO 320 TLNW.

The range of them was of 50, 75, 80, 125, 175, 240, 250, 280, 347, 370, 440, 504 (4T) in enduro, 80, 125, 250, 347, 370, 440 in cross, and 50, 125, 320 (280), 350 in trial, 125, 315, 350, 504 in trail, 125 in road bikes (RZ 125) and 50 in the little child bikes.

I think that the spirit of this mark was very equal to Bultaco's. Both of them was racing bike marks, and the racers was their R+D department (I think this is a romantic philosophy but a negative marketing idea), and the end of them was similar. SWM enduro bikes were designed only to win racers. All their pieces were necessary to win and I think that the most representative bike of the European enduro history was the SWM RS 370 GS TF1. I send you a photo of one 370 of my collect.

I'm a Spanish SWM collector and I'm interested in all about this mark (bikes, workshop manuals, technical and commercial books and parts). -- Jorge -- Garrandés Asprón, Jorge -- jgarras at cesvimapdot com

September 2, 1999

The photo is from a famous motorcycle of the seventy's. It is SWM , that stands for Speed Working Motors. The version you see in the picture is the ES version called also Silver Vase in honor of the Italian Six Days Cup.

The address of the Company was:

SWM Motorcycles
Via Marconi 16 Palazzolo Milanese
Milano Italy

It was equipped with Sachs 125 cc engine six speeds, Marzocchi rear shock absorber and Marzocchi front absorber with 36 diameter stems, and Akront rims plus Pirelli tires.

-- Marco Tenenti -- gwuopl at yahoodot com

April 9, 1999
I just bought a SWM GS 370...I have no Idea who made it , where it's from.. any Ideas??? -- Chris -- crip31 at bellsouth.net

Its an Italian made trials bike. They used to say something like "Speedy wicked machine" or something like that. I had a couple of them. Very light and agile. I also have a parts manual and workshop manual for a 1983 350cc SWM "Jumbo". I can make copies if you're interested. -- Scott -- Slarsonroy at aoldot com

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