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Moto Villa Motorcycles

Manufactured 1968-1988 in Modena and Bologna by Francesco Villa, a skillful rider and highly experienced technician who had worked with Ducati, FB Mondial and Montesa. His brother Walter Villa was a champion racer who rode Aermacchi for Harley Davidson.

The first Villa was a racing machine, the 125 Beccaccino. In 1968 a production machine was developed from this, named the PR, and was soon followed by a 250cc version. Both became popular with privateers. A 250cc parallel twin appeared in 1970, along with their first 50cc racing machines. These also achieved good results. A particularly memorable road-racer was a two-stroke V4 250cc built 1967-1969.

A new factory was established in Pragatto Crespellano (Bologna) in 1974.

By this stage Villa motorcycles included motocross and enduro models using both Franco Morini engines and those of their own design.

In the 1970s and early 80s Villa gained a string of successes in motocross and enduro, winning numerous Italian championships and doing well in other European countries. In 1984 competition from the Japanese saw a decrease in sales, and by the late 80s it was all over.

There were also Villa speedway machines, the 500cc OHV 500NE and the 60hp DOHC 500SP. See Villa Speedway.

1973 50 R Codice 50cc trail with lights.
1973 Mini Bimbo 50cc
1973 125cc Cross and Regolarita, Franco Morini engine.
1974 250cc Cross, Villa engine
1976 250cc Regolarita, Villa engine
1978 125cc Cross and Regolarita, Villa engine.
1976 380cc Cross, Villa engine. Presented at the 1975 Milan show, some versions had Marzocchi magnesium forks.
1978 MX 250
1979 410cc Cross
1981 MX A81 125cc
1981 TT4 125cc Roadracer
1983 MC 83 125cc, watercooled
1987 Seebring 125, watercooled 2T, cast wheels, road
1990s Scooters of Asian origin.

Moto Villa supplied engines to SVM, the successor to SWM.

1969 V-Four 250cc

The 250 V-4 appeared in 1969 and was basically two 125 twins mounted one above the other at a 30 degree angle. Unfortunately a change of rules limiting 250cc GP machines to two cylinders for the 1970 season put paid to the design. It appeared in practice at the Italian GP did not compete.

Sources:, Phil Aynsley, et al

Further reading:

There is a small museum dedicated to Moto Villa listed in the section on Italian Museums

victorymachine at
1975 MX 250 Moto Villa
I’m looking to rebuild this engine and wanted to see what parts are available. Gasket set and seals? Piston and ring.
Victor Anderson
Campbell California United States

Perhaps try
markkremers at
Mini Bimbo, Moto Villa
For sale very rare mini bike , moto villa mini bimbo , only a few made and only a few left.
The only one that is for sale at this moment in the whole world.
Bike was bought by my uncle in 1974 for my niece.
In 1978 my father bought it for me.and it is stil in the family .
All parts are original and never replaced except the throttle handle and the gastank cap.
Gastank is resprayed in red was original green.
Airfilter cap is not on the picture but it's there
Bike is still running and in good used condition.
Sold as seen on pictures.
More pictures available
Mill 5451 Netherlands (nearby Nijmegen)

Villa-1974-Bimbo-MKr-01 images posted to Comments.
drosypian at
1969 Moto Villa Mini
I have what I believe is a 1979, vintage says 8879, Moto Villa mini bimbo. I have all the parts, engine has great compression. Any idea on value? Or rarety?
Daniel Osypian

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Tue, 06 Mar 2018
1finishlineconst at
Villa ?
Hi there recently acquired this bike and I do not know the year or model. I would like to restore it to its original condition but it is missing the gas tank and Shocks. If there's anyway you can help me figure this out it would be much appreciated.
Nick Foster Jr

Sat May 15 2010
Official Moto Villa site
All parts for every Grand Prix and Offroad Moto Villa models

Wed Mar 31 2010
official site internet everything
if you want visit this site , you can see all the models and all the parts of moto. goodbye 404

Sat Dec 05 2009
kkalawe at yahoo dot com
Moto villa 490
Hi, I would like to purchase a villa 490 engine and frame, thanks

Sat Oct 17 2009
spiros-dosx at
villa sm 83 250
villa 83 sm<
if ticbabis from athens read, please send correct email, or write to my mail your telephone number, to talk about villa

Sun Jul 26 2009
Mcgrathb2009 at hotmail dot com
Moto villa Mini
I've owned this bike for 35 years. my kids ride it now. Motori morini franco, dellorto carb. moto villa all original paperwork. Have you ever seen one?
Brighton Colorado

Having put a rigid kickstarter through my ankle very early in my motorcycling career, those footpegs make me shudder. Would love to see them changed for something a little less Ben Hur. Ed.

Tue Apr 07 2009
ticbabis at
greece villa 250 sm 83
hello i want some parts for motor and frame.. villa 250 sm model 83. is it possible ??

Fri Apr 03 2009
VampyreKnight2 at aol dot com
I need some help here
Motovilla 49cc Motovilla
I'm doing this for my friend. it's original Date sold was 06-20-74. Motor # BB541. it has a motori morini franoc Delordo carb. I've researched this bike as far as I can go and havn't fond anything like it. What is the estimate value it would be worth today? if any help could be offered to find this out it would be much appreciated from my friend. We don't have any images of the bike. It runs great. thanks much for your time.
Brighton colorado.

At present I have no information on the model. I will research further and post my results on the site, and I would be very grateful if you could forward anything your own investigations turn up. Ed.

Mon Mar 09 2009
foucart at hotmail dot com
Villa 125 grand prix
I own a villa 125 GP 70
please see it at (404)

Fri Nov 21 2008
rosalba.orsini at
villa cross 250 1977
voglio contatti col proprietario della moto villa

Wed Oct 29 2008
toto-jct at
recerche de document
moto villa 500 liquide 1985 ou 1986 et 500 a air de 1982 mono amort
je recherche tous documents ou manuel d atelier ainssi que les piece pour ces motos

Sat Oct 11 2008
villa211 at aol dot com
Moto Villa 75,450
Last year someone wrote a letter about a Moto Villa dealer ship in Everett WA.I would like to contact him about Moto Villas. Thank Scott

Fri Aug 22 2008
aealexander at
Matchless Alpino Villa
Alpino 250 -Bifaroavreste- swing arm<
what year model is 250 Bifaroavreste, Restoring the above Matchless Alpino Villa need 500cc alloy head and barrel would anyone have one for sale.
Within next couple weeks I would be able to sent all details of restoration to the point that I am up too now as everything is being put on to cd . At this stage there are 30 odd photo's, an more to come hopefully if you would like to see them, The rest will be another 12 months when the bike is completed, As my mate who is do the CD is taking a trip around Australia and he wont be back for 12 months.This bike has to be the only ONE around of its kind.
Bert Alexander
Walter Villa who won 4 world championships, 3 on 250,and 1 on a 350cc riding for Harley Davidson, His brother Francesco started up Moto Villa Factory only found out 3 hours ago the bike I have could be a experimental machine out of Factory .
I will keep in touch.
Bert Alexander
Posted in the Italian forum
Front half of frame is Matchless stamped :-
W41 / G3L / F1, M & B

Engine stamped :-
B Matchless 4
GP 37 Villa

Rear half Alpino-250-Bifarovreste swing arm stamped 38865 on Crosstube and on connecting Lug 6905.

Fuel Tank Aermacchi look alke.
Motor is total rebuilt By Kevin Patton 8 times Australian Speedway Champion,
Frame sandblasted , Petrol Tank , Mud and Chainguards, Have all been
threated with KBS Coatings , The worlds best Rust Prevention Product on the
1941 Matchless Alpino Villa, Was used during the war by Italians as 350cc,
Frame stamped ( W41 / G3L / F1, M & B ) then reconstructed for racing by
an Italian , By changeing rear half of to Alpino-250-Bifaroavreste swing arm.
Fitted with 350cc Matchless Motor, Crankcase stamped ( B Matchless
 4 ), Serial No.G83326, GP 37 Villa, Part No. 41-G3L-E701, Than converted to
 500cc, Bike raced in Australia.

Alpino alloy brake hubs front and rear, Accron rims fitted Dunlop Roadmaster TT100 Tyres.

Magneto Lucas 46 Special & Smith 8000 rpm Tacho

After finally reading Crankcase with magnifying glass the numbers stamped on badge are :-
B Matchless 48
Part No.41-G3L-E701
Serial No.G83926
Over stamped with ( P37 VILA )
that's what I read .
ps did you receive any photo's.
Regards Bert Alexander

Tue Mar 25 2008
esa.alin at operamail dot com
Villa trial ?
Villa 349 Everest?
Anyone has info or photos etc. about Villa 349 Everest? Esa A.

Mon Jan 21 2008
raymond.aupet at
Pictures and information Moto Villa
Moto Villa 125 Enduro SME Argenta série
I just buy this byke, and i collect all pictures and information because i dont'n know this mark

simone milan wrote:
i have a villa 250 two times engine
dismantled but in optimum state! if you are interessed, i am at your disposition!

Update: This engine has been sold.

Tue Jan 15 2008
feral at
photo VILLA 250 SM
VILLA SM 250 81
Hello again
The restoration is completed a few months ago and i already made small trips in the woods
Thanks again
Alex Ferridis
Athens Greece

Sun Jan 13 2008
ianpearce62 at msn dot com
parts book
motovilla 250/410
i have on cd parts book for the 250 and 410 of 1979 but also might be the same for other years

Tue Oct 16 2007
jacques.gadeyne at
moto villa trial 250 cc
informations sur moto de trial villa
braine l alleud

Wed Aug 01 2007
ivdo at yvespages dot com
Moto Villa
Villa 125cc 1984
Hello, I would like to find more about this bike with a Villa Motor liquid cooled, color Orange. Photos and info are welcome

Sat Mar 31 2007
TeamZundapp at
Moto Villa engine for sale
Moto Villa 490 MX 1982
I have a 1982 Aircooled 490cc Moto Villa engine out of a single shock chassis. Comes with all electronics. Chassis is also available seperately. Make off or trade for Zundapp MC/GS125 parts. Thanks

Wed Mar 07 2007
oliver.edge at btinternet dot com
moto-villa 250 mx
do you know anyone who can help me with parts for a 250 moto-villa mx bike?, red tank, believed to be 1980? any information would be greatly appreciated, many thanks, oliver edge, u.k.
birmingham, england, u.k.

Wed Feb 07 2007
simonezuliani at
manifold suction
villa 350 year 1978 6 gear
I have a little problem,my friend have villa moto 350 6 gear and he has broken manifold suction.(steel/rubber)
Please send me informations for this object and where i buy it.
bye thank you

Sounds like an inlet manifold - it's very possible that something else will fit, but it will take some finding. Does it house a read valve, and is it anything like a Japanese twostroke setup? Photos and dimensions will help. Ed.

Mon Jan 01 2007
ritchie.blackmore at
Moto da gran premio
moto villa 125 tt4
questa moto è stata costruita da me proprietario con la collaborazione di francesco villa (villa motor trading), è stata assemblata con le rimanenze di magazzino del reparto corse villa. Moto vittoriosa nel campionato " italiano tt4" su pista e "trofeo della montagna". La moto è completamente nuova in tutte le sue parti (n.1 ore di funzionamento) ed è pure provvista di carenatura. Tra I piloti che l hanno usata nel passato c è pure il campione di motociclismo luca cadalora sulla quale moto ha colto I primi successi. Per ulteriori informazioni e schede tecniche email: ritchie. ritchie.blackmore at

Translation: this motion has been constructed from me owner with the collaboration of Francisco villa (villa motor trading), has been assembled with the odd lots of warehouse of the unit run villa. Victorious motion in the Italian championship "tt4" on track and "trophy of the mountain". The motion is completely new in all its leaves (n.1 hours of operation) and is pure fairing supply. Between the pilots whom l they have used in past c it is pure the motorcycling champion luca cadalora on which motion has picked the first successes. For ulterior information and technical cards email: ritchie.

Moto da gran premio
moto villa 125 tt4 -h20
questa moto è stata costruita da me proprietario con la collaborazione di francesco villa (villa motor trading), è stata assemblata con le rimanenze di magazzino del reparto corse villa. Moto vittoriosa nel campionato " italiano tt4" su pista e "trofeo della montagna". La moto è completamente nuova in tutte le sue parti (n.1 ore di funzionamento) ed è pure provvista di carenatura. Tra I piloti che l hanno usata nel passato c è pure il campione di motociclismo luca cadalora sulla quale moto ha colto I primi successi. Per ulteriori informazioni e schede tecniche email:

Translation: Motion from great prize motion villa 125 tt4 - h20 this motion has been constructed from me owner with the collaboration of Francisco villa (villa motor trading), has been assembled with the odd lots of warehouse of the unit run villa. Victorious motion in the Italian championship "tt4" on track and "trophy of the mountain". The motion is completely new in all its leaves (n.1 hours of operation) and is pure fairing supply. Between the pilots whom l they have used in past c it is pure the motorcycling champion luca cadalora on which motion has picked the first successes. For ulterior information and technical cards email:

Mon Nov 27 2006
feral at
villa restoration
villa 250 enduro
photo of the restoration of the second Villa 250 enduro
Many thanks for the information i gained from your web site
Alex Ferridis
Athens Greece

Fri May 26 2006
erikwieldraaijer at hotmail dot com
villa grasshopper 350 cc
i have got a moto villa 350, and i am looking for piston rings 82.5
1 normal and one l L-ring

Thu May 18 2006
gklibra at
250cc moto villa engine
250 single two stroke
hi, I have a complete 250cc engine unit if anyone is interested, email or phone, 0161 748 0355
manchester, UK
hi, sorry but have no pictures and don't have digital camera to take any with. I bought the engine at a classic bike show at Trentenham gardens, Stoke-on-trent about 3 years ago with a view to putting it into a Moto-gori rolloing chassis that I already had which was to become a 'street scrambler' for me to play with in my old age (am now 66) but was told at the stafford show that year that it was a competition engine and needed to be made to shift (not what I had in mind) so I'm trying to get rid of it to enable me to buy a 324cc 3T villiers unit which should be a bit more sedate. The Moto-villa engine is complete except for the carb., and has all it's levers and kickstart with it, broken fins or anything like that, thanks for your help, regards, graham

Mon Apr 24 2006
enricibelom at hotmail dot com
moto villa 125 enduro 79
I have a problem with the carburator it's a Bing. The bike cuts out or works only on full power...any ideas, help on carb settings?
Its a Moto Villa 125 designed and manufactured by Walter and Francesco Villa from Bologna. They raced and produced their own bikes for several years, all 2 strokes GP mainly and towards the end motocross and enduro, only the best materials were used...I'm looking for a good magician to recarb the old girl, I'm based in the SE of England/ London area

Great looking bike, Ettore. Has the carburettor (or anything else) been touched since last it ran properly? I'm affraid it's always run on the choke and the throttle full on, I've tried all sorts of set-ups with the Min RPM screw and the air/fuel screw but with no avail. The carb is fine inside and has no scratches and is not worn out, this weekend I'm pulling it apart to check the jets and the needle.

I wonder if it might have a sealing problem and be sucking air - sounds like it could be main bearing seals. Also check that the carb needle retaining clip is in place.

Fri Apr 14 2006
marco.mugna at
moto Villa
I met Mr Villa, they are working again on restoring their old bikes. If you need help contact Mr. Maurizio Corrà, tel [number supplied].

Wed Jan 25 2006
cruiser-ss396 at
Moto Villa Dealer
Hello My father had a Moto Villa dealer ship in Everett Wa then we moved to North Seattle. Name of the shop was street and trail. I have been looking though some pictures/slide and have found some of me on my 125 in 1977. We used to race a 450 from the shop, a guy from Monroe WA named Mark Hopkins raced it and won many races.

Fri Nov 25 2005
admin at tvjobs dot com
Moto Villa
Looking for information on a 1973 Moto Villa 125. Brochures would be great. Thanks, Mark

Tue Sep 20 2005
oljaa at eunet.yu
Road racer Villa 50 ccm<
Hi Fans,
who can me tell more about racer Villa 50 ccm, drove by Claudio Lusuardi in GP's from 1981 to 1983. Perhaps somebody can me send a foto...Thanks and best
Nikola (Belgrado, Serbia)

Wed Jul 13 2005
spendlebury at
Re: Moto Villa
I would like to find a 1981/82 moto villa 250 motocross bike.Any information on locating one of these would be appreciated. steve pendlebury australia

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005
subject: Looking For Information On Villa Everest Trials Bikes
Email: LEWD871 at AOL dot com
message: Hi I have 2 of the 3 known uk Villa Everest trial bikes, looking for any brochures technical info on these bikes

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005
subject: cr 125 moto villa
Email: aremmer at aol dot com
message: do you have a piston kit +full ign for 1979 cr motovilla 125

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005
subject: moto villa 250/125 mid 80s
Email: jon.comelately at btopenworld dot com
message: looking for any parts and information on this bike

Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005
subject: villa 250 cc piston
Email: alferriis at
message: Hello from Athens Greece
I am searching information about the piston off a Villa 250 (70X64) year 1980
Many thanks
Alex Ferridis

September 18, 2002
I have a mid 70s Moto Villa 50cc kids minibike. i have been told that the motor was made by Benelli. i am looking to get a set of pistons rings for it. need to know were I can get them. Thanks Brian -- rblggng at aol dot com

December 29, 2001
I have a 50 cc moto villa from the early to mid 1970s. I've been told it was made by Benelli. I'd like to restore it and am in search of history, photos, parts...anything regarding this neat little bike. It originally had a silver frame, bright orange gas tank, and a two crossed checkered flags decal on the sides of the gas tank (decals now missing). The bike doesn't have the regular monkey bike look with fat tires and monkey-type handle bars. It has the proportions of a full sized dirt bike from the 1970s only its shrunken down to pocket size.
I would be greatly appreciative of any information anyone could share with me about this minibike.
Thanks, Tyler at vizip dot com

July 8,2001
I have realized that this make of motorcycle is very rare (You try and find any information on the net it's non existant). Still, we will all have to try to help each other ) please don,t hesitate to ask for my help i have a bit of knowledge on this brand . All the very best Mark. P.S. Does anybody know the existance of Domenico Bacci who I used to converse with ,he was a great help. -- mark boswell -- mark at

July 9, 2001
Hi Sheldon, Many thanks for your swift reply. I have had a lot of difficulty restoring my Villa CR125 I have even had to make the side panels for it. I still need a decent seat, rear brake pedal and carburetor. This should have been either a 36mm Dell'Orto PHBE or a Bing 36mm (54 Series) Failing any finds. I will have to make the seat and rear brake pedal. I have some brand new engine and small cycle parts for sale i.e.: Pistons Asso 54mm,54.25,54.5,54.75and55mm all have rings gudgeon pins and circlips. Also Clutches, gearbox parts, Crankcases, Engine side covers, Torque arms, Petrol caps, Cables, Footrests and many more parts. I will send details of articles I have when I get my printer working properly. All the very best Mark.

November 11, 2000
Hello This is the new Moto Villa Four stroke 400-600 cm3 model year 2001 -- Domenico Bacci -- setramar at

February 13, 2000
My husband has a Villa motorcycle that he got when he was 5,....that was 25 years ago, it is 50 cc. He needs some parts, any idea where he can get some? -- Aimee Combs -- aimeeco-2000 at yahoo dot com

September 26, 2000
Hi, my friend Domo has bought a villa 350, he needs a few bits and pieces, one being a crank shaft. He will be at the show in Stafford next month and can meet anyone there, if they have any parts for this bike. In the mean time if any one can give him any info on the villa 350, or can tell from the engine or frame no. when the bike was made he would be very grateful..... engine no 178 cm350 *610* frame no.FV35*0971* DGM 17072-OM. Does any one else in Ireland own one ? Thanks DEREK. -- Derek -- derekscott at

July 17, 2000
Moto-Villa motorcycles.
I own most of the British ex-importers stock that still exists in England....
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

June 14, 2000
Salve sono Domenico Bacci sono alla ricerca, per acqustarla, di una Moto Villa 125 Modello Cross anni 1983-1984-1985, chiunque fosse in grado di darmi informazioni su tali moto può scrivermi tramite E- mail grazie
Grazie a tutti -- Domenico Bacci -- setramar at

Again with my lousy translation skills, BabelFish does a terrible job on Italian to English:
I am Domenico Bacci, and I am hoping to acquire a Moto Villa 125 Cross model, years 1983-1984-1985, anyone who is in a position to sell, or has information on this motorcycle can contact me. -- Thanks to all -- Domenico Bacci -setramar at

If I did a bad translation please let me know what it should be... Sheldon

March 16, 2000
I am currently doing some research for a friend who is an Italian motorcycle enthusiast....
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

February 29, 2000
I have the only two Moto-Villa 350 enduros in all of Oz (Australia)....
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

February 24, 2000
Buon giorno sono Domenico Bacci, possessore di tre moto villa, tutti 125 cc una 125 modello cross 1978, una 125 modello cross 1982 ed una modello 1983. Sono moto che sono riuscito a reperire nell'ultimi tempi moto che ho anche avuto in quegli anni e con le quali ho partecipato a svariate gare. Ora sto cercando di restaurarle e riportarle nelle condizioni in cui sono uscite dalla fabbrica!

Sono riscito a reperire diversi ricambi, ma se trovassi qualcuno che può aitarmi gli sarei oltremodo grato. Potete contattarmi allo 0039565702769, o scrivermi in Via Bonaria 16/1 57020 Piombino Riotorto (li) Italy --  setramar at

From Sheldon: The best I can do in the translation with the help of babelfish. If I am too for off I hope someone will tell me as there are parts that I couldn't even figure out after translation.:

I am Domenico Bacci, owner of three Moto-Villa motorcycles, all 125 cc, one 125 motocross 1978, one 125 motocross 1982 and one model 1983. They are motorcycles that are easy to repair in the last times motion that also I have had in those years and with which I have participated in various races. I am trying to restore them to the condition that they came from the factory! Sono riscito to reperire various reciprocations, but if you found someone that they can aitarmi I would be oltremodo pleasing. You can contattarmi to the 0039565702769, or scrivermi in 57020 Good-natured Way 16/1 Piombino Riotorto (them) Italy -- setramar at

January 23, 2000
Hello, I'm the lucky owner of a VILLA 250 for six days...
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

Anybody know anything about a Moto Villa?

I have a 1974 "Viper" here... a 125 two stroke wearing a 29mm DellOrto VHB... it seems like a lot of carb but I can't find any specs to verify what it actually came with.
Any information greatly appreciated,
Jim Knaup
Encore Performance & Fabrication
epfguzzi at primenet dot com
355 Henry St.
Prescott, Az. USA 86301
520 778 7910 ~ 888 EPF MOTO (373 6686)