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Moto Villa Speedway Engines

Like so many other machines featured in the workshop, the Italian Villa (made around 1979/80) has been added, courtesy of Bennie Ludolphy who has kindly supplied both the images and technical information.

Pictured right is the pushrod 500NE speedway engine.

Technical Specifications.

    Type = 1 cyl; aircooled; OHV 4V
    Bore x stroke = 86 x 85 mm
    Capacity = 493.5 cc
    Power = 55 Bhp @ 700 rpm.
    Compression Ratio = 13.5 : 1.
    Carburettor = Dell'Orto 34 mm
    Ignition = Battery and contact breaker.

The other type pictured is the 500 SP. The prototype (not the one in the photo) was made by Walter and Francesco Villa.
The combustion chamber and the cam profiles are designed by famous Ferrari (F1) engine designer Mauro Foghieri.
The angle between the inlet and exhaust valve is only 25 degree. Therefore you find a very steep inlet port and further a rather flat (Hepolite) piston. Also interesting is the drive for the DOHC system. This is with a so-called gear train similar to that found as on MV Augusta engines. The primary drive is by duplex chain.

Technical specifications for the (production) model 500 SP.
Type = 1 cyl, aircooled, DOHC 4V
Compression Ratio = 13.5 : 1
Bore x Stroke = 86 x 85 mm
Power = 60 bhp @ 8000 rpm.
Carb = Dell'Orto 38 mm
Ignition = Motoplat electronic.

Edited Sept 2020.

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