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The Hynes - Bond JAP

We received these very interesting pictures from Wayne Powell together with some of the story behind them. The very astute amongst you will soon realise that there is something particularly strange about this machine.
As you will see from the following pictures, this particular JAP motor has been fitted into the machine ... Back to Front !!
We would like to hear from anyone who has come across this machine or maybe something similar. Was this an experiment to see if it was possible .. or was there a purpose behind it ? ... Wayne Powell tells us what information he has so far ......

"At long last I've got some pictures of a bike that Dave Hynes was mucking around with. Sorry about the poor quality but they've been laying around in an old bloke's draw for ages. Dave Hynes and Morrie Bond came to the UK to ride after the War to ride here. Sadly, Morrie died a few years ago, but we believe his wife is still alive and the gentleman who had these pictures is trying to make contact with her to see if she has any more details on this machine.

Morrie had worked for him as a panel beater but was also a qualified aircraft welder and welded Hynes frames

(There is a Page on the Hynes Machine) They both came from Melbourne originally, but Dave Hynes used to travel back and forth between Australia and America and was associated with the Milne brothers, Jack and Cordy."

We can see the late Morrie Bond in this first picture (that's him with the hat on) alongside Andy Menzies who himself was an ex league Rider. This Workshop shot shows Morrie holding what appears to be a modified Rotrax "Diamond" above a Jawa bike.

Take a close look at the following two pictures and compare them with any other machine, you will clearly see what we mean about the engine being fitted back to front.

The picture on the Left shows Morrie astride the bike, much of the detail obscured by that Yellow cover. On the Right you see Morrie's wife behind the machine and a clearer idea of the reversed engine. We would like to see more detail of this machine and any information as to "How" and "Why" would be most welcome.

Many thanks to Wayne for sending us these unique pictures, I'm sure they will raise a few eyebrows not to mention many questions !!

Credits: Images and information courtesy Wayne Powell.

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