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The JAWA Workbench
Year Machine Detail
1934 PreWar JAWA A look at Pre-War Jawa machines
1947 JOLI/ESO A look at the change from JOLI to ESO
1955/61 ESO Various ESO Machines and Engines
1968 Jawa 890 First of the Post-ESO Jawas 
1970's "Smiley" Jawa 890 The Jawa with modified Fuel Injection
1973 Jawa L/S The Jawa Long Stroke
1970's Drake The American Drake 4v Conversion
1970's Street The Mk1 and Mk2 Street Conversions
1970's Luckhurst The Luckhurst 4 Valve Conversion
1970's Watercooled The Jawa Watercooled D.T Engine
1975 Ricksson Swedish OHV 4 Valve conversion 
1976 ERM/JJM The Swedish ERM and JJM Engine
1977 Briggo Jawa The Barry Briggs Conversion
197? RTS Jawa The Roger Taylor RTS Conversion
197? LS Jawa The LS DOHC to SOHC Conversion
1976 Jawa 894/895 The DOHC 894 and 895 models
1984 Jawa 896/897 The SOHC 4 Valver
1990 Jawa 898/893 The Jawa 898/893 Tech Sheets
1984 JWS The JWS Mk1 & 2 Conversions
1997 Brian The Jawa and Brian Frame
1997 JAWA 898.5 The Latest of the Jawa's
1998 Longtracker The Latest Jawa W/Cooled Longtracker
1999 880 An 880 c35occ converted to 263cc and then to Laydown 
2001 NEW Pictures of the Latest Jawa

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