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Neil Street Conversions
The Neil Street Mk1 (Left) and Mk2 (Right) 4 valve conversions.

Steve Magro from Australia, who is a regular contributor to these pages has kindly sent me this recent photograph he took.

It's a shot of Phil Crump with the original Street 4 valver..."It's still got the original piston in it", said Phil...

Street, at 45 one of the oldest riders in the British League for Newport, and recognised as a Wizard with Motors, had similarly converted a JAP.

Rarely seen on the shale in 1977, the JAP four-valver was seen as especially beneficial to Grass and Long Trackers though the engine was built for Halifax's Charlie Monk, who was very impressed after a short debut at The Shay track.
As with the JAWA, the JAP had twin overhead camshafts driven by a 3/8in pitchchain from the Crankshaft.

* I am desperately seeking a better picture(s) of the Neil Street conversion, maybe someone out there can help ?

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