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The History of Exeter Speedway


Apologies for the dropsheets, paint tins and scattered detritus. More information...

Welcome to the History of Exeter Speedway and Workshop Pages that recall the riders of the past

and illustrates the numerous types of machines they would have ridden through the Years.

From those very early Pre-War days of the "Leg Trailer", we look at the very beginning of Speedway at Exeter and at the men who made it all possible. These were the days of huge crowds at the County Ground when the sport first arrived from Australia.

You will find a database of all KNOWN riders that have Donned the "Falcon" colours and
there is a Yearly Review that combines all the League Tables and World Final Results together with other major Winners of each Year. Step back in Time and read the "Bert Spencer" story and help his son restore the records, or take a look at the Vic Huxleywith stories and pictures courtesy of his brother, Marsh Huxley.

If machines and engines are of particular interest, then the latest addition to the site entitled "The Workshop" may be of particular interest to you, over 150 machines and engines plus variations. Take a look at the Evolution of Speedway Machines since those early days of "Rudges" and "Harley's" or the story behind the JAP Engine and the Jawa

Don't worry, if you don't know your Overhead Camshafts from your Valves, the Beginners Guide will guide you through the basics of how the Speedway engine works. (Also in the Workshop pages, above.)

In January 1998, the world of Speedway lost one of it's greatest Legends with the sad loss of Wal Phillips, pioneer of the legendary JAP Engine. To remember Wal Phillips a New Page has been devoted to him.

Whatever your interests, we hope you find something of interest within these Pages.

Special Thanks must go to

Colin Ford, Mum and Dad from whom much of the material originated ...
And Not forgetting Polly and Mary for putting up with it all !

To Marc and Sue Farmer for the Innovation, Patience and assistance
in creating these pages and being good Friends.

And to Bennie Ludolphy, whose knowledge of Machines and engines is endless.
His assistance in uncovering rare information and pictures in these Pages has been priceless.

Machine Restorers/Collectors Ian Patterson, Bob Allan, Richard Snodin, Rick Newlee and Noel Clark
Whose "Hands-on" experience have helped unravel the workings of engines

And where would I be without the assistance of Bryan Lambert
Probably one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of Machines.

Not forgetting John Stretch, for his in-depth research to unearth information
that should bring the Rider database to near completion..... my thanks to them all

And to the numerous number of contributors who have helped build up these Pages.

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Exeter's History

Rider Database
The A-Z of all known Riders From The Very Beginning To Date
Teams By Year
Quick Reference List of Riders by Year
Pre-War History
A Brief Record of Events Before The War
Post-War History
A Brief Record Of Events After The War
Bert Spencer
Step back in Time - and restore the records.

General History

Who was "Nobby" Key ?
An early 30's Race Ticket - But who was riding with Wal Philips ?
The Opening Year
A look at 1928 and the opening meetings following the beginning at High Beech
The Vic Huxley Story
Vic's brother - Marsh Huxley inspired this page with some rare material
Yearly Review
Review of Each year With Tables, World Finals and Major Honours

Machines and Engines

Machine Evolution
A look at The Evolution of The Machines Through The Years
The J.A.P Story
The Story Of The Famous JAP Engine Plus Tech Tips
The Jawa Story
How the JAP's Dominance in Speedway was laid to rest
The "Maely" Story
One American's attempt to break the European Dominance
The Workshop
Need to find a particular machine ? .. it may be in here.
The Wal Phillips Story
Including the Rare "Whirlwind" Engine.

The Beginners Guide
The Terminology Explained.

More Speedway

Chad Newlee - Our Best Wishes
An American Rider Whose dreams were Shattered.