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These pages are adapted from archives of the site by Chris Byles known as The Workshop - Speedway and GrassTrack Machines previously at speedwaybikes.fortunecity.net and at exeter-falcons.demon.co.uk

Chris Byles: chris at exeter-falcons.demon.co.uk and cbyles at exeter-falcons.demon.co.uk

The sites have been offline for some time, but versions are available at the Wayback Machine. If the original owner would care to discuss, please make contact.

Speedway Workshop

A list of the archive files may be found here: Speedway Workshop Archive

General Bikes On The Bench
Year Machine Detail
1926 AJS The AJS "Special Racing" GR7 Big Port.
1951 AJW The AJW "Speedfox" machine.
1950 Apfelbeck A rare Machine from Vienna
1983 Bellini The Italian Bellini Engines.
Benelli A rare Italian Dirt track machine.
199? BM500 The latest Czech machine
1929 BSA S29 The Poor Man's Speedway machine
c.1970 B.S.A The British Mk1 and Mk2 BSA
1929 Calthorpe The 350cc Calthorpe "Speedway Special"
19?? Champion A "Champion" Framed JAP (we think)
1973 Cole MK3 The Cole and Elstar Cole Machines
1985 Comet The Comet with the "Flexiflyer" frame
1929 Coventry-Victor The 488cc OHV Flat twin.
1934 Crocker The American Crocker DT machine.
1984 Datzmann The German Speedway and Longtracker.
1978 Denco The Revolutionary engine from N.Zealand
1966 The Dirtrax Bert Kingston's Australian Dirtrax
19?? D.K.W Information needed on the German DKW
1928 Douglas The - RA, DT, Langton and Red Devil
197? DR500 The German engine designed for Longtrack
1967 EiCoH The Japanese Machine by Engine Honda
1928 Enfield The Royal Enfield JAP
197? ERLA The German SOHC 2-valve Longtracker
197? ERLA Godden/Ducati Featuring a Ducati Desmodromic motor
1936 Excelsior The Excelsior with Long 5 JAP
1946 Fairchild/Roccio The Horizontal Fairchild/Roccio
197? Fairchild The American Jerry Fairchild design
197? FBM An Italian 4v DOHC machine
1956 F.I.S The Polish copy of the JAP
1953 Galbusera The Italian O.H.V machine
1928 Glanfield Rudge One of the earliest purpose designed machines.
1979 GM Giuseppe Marzotto's Italian Motor - The Story
1978-91 Godden The Story behind Don Godden's Engine
1968 Greeves Don Smith's Speedway Greeves.
1936 Grosskreutz The arrival of the modern day frame type.
1929 Harley The Legendary "Peashooter"
1934 Harley The Lesser Known Two Port 30.50ci and CAC models
1988 Hasegawa The Japanese racing machine
1967 Hedlund The Swedish DOHC Unit Construction
1984 Hejisun The "All-Australian" machine
19?? HSG The The Norwegian built HSG machine.
1998 Honda The engine for the future?.
1931 Husqvarna The Swedish "Husky" Dirt Racer
1975 Hynes The Dave Hynes Motor
1928 Indian Spencer Stratton's Indian
1929 James One of Speedways early Works V-Twins
1979 JLR Camel The John Louis "Humped" Frame
1947 Kermond The Exeter built Kermond Machine
197? KT2 The Japanese KT2 built by the Kyokuto Co
1987 Kyokuto The Japanese Mk2 Kyokuto
1966 Lito The Motocross To Speedway Engine
1974 Maely America's first purpose built machine
1938 Martin Comerford Victor Martin's Comerford
1938 Martin Rudge Victor Martin's Rudge
1997 Masek The New JawesoMasek with Stuha frame.
197? Matchless Jack Emmott's Classic Speedway Engine
1928 Mc.Evoy So you thought Laydowns were new?
1979 Mantovani A revolutionary rotary Valve Jawa conversion
1939 Moseley Alec Moseley's "Super Frame"
1920 Moto-Guzzi OHC 4 valve bronze head Guzzi factory racers [early 20's]?.
1967 MSM The Australian Meirson Engine
1974 MTRM The 1974 MTRM Desmodromic machine made by Carlo Mazzucato.
1930 Norton Norton's Dirt Track Engine
1989 Pinfold The Revolutionary Pinfold Frames
1985 PPT The Phil Pratt Motor
1928 P&M Panther The Phelon and Moore "Panther"
1992 RB232 The Renato Battaglia Cylinder Head
1929 Rex The Vintage REX dirt Tracker
1951 Rogers The Rogers Steering and Throttle mechanisms
1972 Roth The German Designed motor.
1928 Rudge The First appearance of the Rudge
1930 Rudge Major changes are made
19?? Schneeweiss The Austrian Speedway/LongTrack machine
1930 Scott The "Yowling" Two-Stroker
1975 SHORT-UTEC An engine developed by John Short and the UTEC Company
19?? SIWA The Siegfried Wartblichter Austrian Motor
1967/68 SR60 Australian Fred Jolly's 60bhp Machine
1949 SRM Leif Hveem's SRM (Swedish Racing Motor) engine
1929 Sunbeam Sunbeams first Dirt Tracker
19?? Trava The early Italian 250cc Machine
1946 Utensil Built and ridden by Bill Kitchen
1949 Van Gorcum The Nico Van Gorcum machine
1929 Velocette The KTD 411cc from Velocette
1979 Villa The Italian OHV and DOHC engines
1947 Vincent The Vincent Vampire Prototype
1948 Vincent HRD The Mosleley follow-up to the Vampire
1934 Whirlwind Wal Phillips built just two of these engines
1979 The Williams Built by Ken Williams and his Father
1994 Yamaha Trials For The Yamaha YZ250cc Engine

The JAP Workbench
Year Machine Detail
1928/48/53 OEC Three of the O.E.C Machines
1928 OK-Supreme JAP with magneto in front of engine
1928 Lady The Belgian twin port machine
1930 Comerford Housing L.H Horizontal Carb Motor
1931 Dog Ear T/P The Dog-Eared Twin Port Engine
1931 Dog Ear S/P The Dog-Eared Single Port (Twin Plug)
1932 Short 4 L/H Carb-Short 4-Open Valved
1932 Comerford Comerford with the latest Short-4
1933 Rudge/JAP The Short-4 housed in Rudge Frame
1933 Suecia The Swedish SMT-50 machine
1933 Long Four First with Down Draught on Inlet Port
1937 350 JAP The 350cc 5-Stud engine
** 500 JAP The 5-Stud Long and Short engines
Victor Martin Housing the JAP 5-Stud
1948 Vic Duggan World Champion Vic Duggan Design
1948 W.Phillips Wal Phillips Horizontal JAP
1948 Staride The Erskine "Staride"
1948 Martin Housing the JAP Long 5-Stud motor
1948 Les Wotton Housing the Long JAP 5-Stud motor
1949 Hynes The Dave Hynes JAP
1949 Langton Eric Langton Mk4 Machine
1949 Payne Payne JAP housing converted Short4
1955 Arnott Frank Arnott's Desmodromic JAP
1955 Huck Fynn With the earlier "Trombone" Forks
1965 The Bewley George Bewley's Spring Forks machine
1967 Erskine Restored JAP as ridden by S.Sjosten
1960's Mattingly With "Trombone" forks and 4A motor.
1960's 500 JAP Using C.B Ignition not Magneto
19?? Jackson JAP An early Jackson JAP
1952 Jackson-Rotrax-1 The most famed of JAP's
1972 Rotrax-2 Rotrax with 4 valve engine.
1962 Emstar John Patterson's Emstar machines
1970's ERLA SOHC 2-Valve Conversion
1970's RO Norwegian JAP with Weslake Head
1975 84S The 500cc 4-Stud motor
1970's Street JAP Neil Street's 4-Valve Conversion.
1970's 4 Valve The rare 4-valve DOHC engine.

The JAWA Workbench
Year Machine Detail
1934 PreWar JAWA A look at Pre-War Jawa machines
1947 JOLI/ESO A look at the change from JOLI to ESO
1955/61 ESO Various ESO Machines and Engines
1968 Jawa 890 First of the Post-ESO Jawas
1970's "Smiley" Jawa 890 The Jawa with modified Fuel Injection
1973 Jawa L/S The Jawa Long Stroke
1970's Drake The American Drake 4v Conversion
1970's Street The Mk1 and Mk2 Street Conversions
1970's Luckhurst The Luckhurst 4 Valve Conversion
1970's Watercooled The Jawa Watercooled D.T Engine
1975 Ricksson Swedish OHV 4 Valve conversion
1976 ERM/JJM The Swedish ERM and JJM Engine
1977 Briggo Jawa The Barry Briggs Conversion
197? RTS Jawa The Roger Taylor RTS Conversion
197? LS Jawa The LS DOHC to SOHC Conversion
1976 Jawa 894/895 The DOHC 894 and 895 models
1984 The SOHC 4 Valver
1990 Jawa 898/893 The Jawa 898/893 Tech Sheets
1984 JWS The JWS Mk1 & 2 Conversions
1997 Brian The Jawa and Brian Frame
1997 Jawa 898.5 The Latest of the Jawa's
1998 Longtracker The Latest Jawa W/Cooled Longtracker
1999 880 An 880 35occ converted to 263cc and then to Laydown
2001 NEW Pictures of the Latest Jawa

The Weslake Workbench
Year Machine Detail
1974 Prototype The first ever Complete Weslake.
197? Weslake 250 The Antig Mounted 250cc Weslake.
197? OHV 5v Otto Lantenhammer first ever 5-valver.
197? SOHC 5v The BVR SOHC 5 Valve Weslake engine.
1977 Weslake OHV Roy Young's OHV 2-valver.
1979 Weslake SOHC The Manual for the SOHC Engine
1975 SOHC Special The special with electronic ignition.
1979 Weslake DOHC The Weslake DOHC Four valve
1975 Weslake Mk 4 Alan Grahame's Mk4 Weslake
1979 Weslake Mk 5 The latest of the Weslakes
1982 Weslake The New Prototype with fixed Bearing
1983 Weslake The Otto Lantenhammer Weslake

Other Machines On the bench
Year Machine Detail
1994 Ellwood The Ellwood Hybrid - 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke?
1974 GMT The George Mossmer Trauchau Conversion
1998-99 Magnum Laydown A converted Magnum of Thomas Irming and Thomas Hartzberg
1980-1 BHS Australian Bob Humphreys Special
1982 ESO OHC Conversion A rare conversion by Rune Arvidsson.
19?? The Gilera A post war adaption of the Gilera.
19?? The BSA-Jawa An unusual BSA road bike.
19?? The Dave Thompson Mystery JAP More Photo's of the "Mystery" machine.
1970 The Bast American Mike Bast's machine.
1934 The Killer An interesting story on this one.
1973 Triumph An unusual Triumph Speedway Bike
1977 JAP Moto-X An unusual JAP Scrambles machine
1960's Hynes/Bond The "Back to Front" JAP ??
1970's Gold Bikes When all that Glitters really is Gold
1970's Higgs Platinum Bike JAP 4 valver with Street Head and Philips Injector
c1930 BSA "Sloper" David Burgess's 1930-ish 500cc Sloper
1925 Royal Rudge An Interesting Rudge Story
1967 Aaen Norwegian designed 2-Stroker
1970's Hagon The Hagon Range
1974 Heath Hagon Roger Heath's Hagon
1965 Aberl The Aber/Alfenbeck 4v Longtracker
19?? Bob Jones The Bob "Mr Swindon" Jones machine
1970's Maely-AJS A Maely Framed AJS 500 machine
1971 Vincent-Triumph A Vincent - Triumph Sidecar Outfit
1970's Mistral The Last Remaining Mistral
1970's Dula-JAP Gavin Davis's Dula
1975 Porkchop The sectioned Harley Sporster
1979 Cagiva-Hagon The Twin Cylinder 6-speed Longtracker
1981 Heathen The JAWA conversion that never was.....

  Junior Machines On The bench
Machine Detail
HRD The Italian "Happy Red Devil".
TM The Italian 80cc Speedway Machine.
4 Robin The latest Swedish 50cc 4-Stroker.
Brian The Swedish "Brian" Machines.
Rehorst Leen Rehorsts special Junior Bike
Slager&Postema The S&P from the Netherlands
Jawa 686 The Prototype with Rotax Motor
Jawa Junior The Prototype with Rotax Motor
SRK50 Stanislav Kubicek's Junior racer.
Baby Speedway The "Baby" 40 and 50cc Machine.
The Heimann The Swedish Junior Racer.
AJP "Special" The Alan John Machine.
The SIM50 British built and John Louis Endorsed.
The LMS Russian Built Junior machine.
The Hagon The Hagon 90cc and 125cc.
The Don Smith Don Smith's 50cc NSU.

  Ice Machines On The Bench
Machine Detail
AAR This bike is made by Aki Ala Riihimaki from Finland .
ERLA-JAWA Incorporating a Ducati Desmodromic Head.
FOALE The British built Ice Racer from 1983.
GPB The Dutch Mid Eighties Horizontal racer.
GRS Gerrit Rook's JAWA bottomhalf with a Desmodromic DUCATI head.
HI-MO The German machine as used by Martin Schmid.
HMT The German machine by Harald Mossmer from Trauchau.
Ivanov The machine from the Russian former World Champion.
Jakovlev The Russian brothers Tibo Lookalike.
Jawa 881.0 Jawa Prototype 2 Stroke Iceracer.
Jawa 890 Iceracer dated around 1967 with 890 motor
Jawa 891 The Jawa Ice Racer raced by Joe Hughes (1974-75)
Jawa 893.6 Jawa with 898 motor in line with frame.
Jawa Jawa Iceracer of the 1997-98 type.
Jawa Jawa Iceracer of the 1999 type.
Jawa Latest Jawa Iceracer of 2000.
Peltonen The Swedish Ice Machine.
Svensson The Swedish machine with monocoque frame.
Tibo The Dutch built Jawa powered machine.
Unknown An unknown quantity with a Matchless engine.
VT The Finnish built VT (Veijo Tuoriniemi) machines.

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