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9 November 2010
Link: DVD: One Man's Dream - The Britten Bike Story by Harry Ruffell. The film has been remastered, there is additional, never seen before footage included as special features on the disc.

22 July 2004
Link: Dare to Dream - The John Britten Story by Felicity Price added.

25 April 2003
Updated the links section, added Yamaha MT-01 Concept.

2 January 2003
Updated the links section, added a couple of Britten scale model, electric car links and a Guggenheim curator talks about four of his favorite motorcycle designs. (Removed dead links too.)

9 February 1998
Complete site redesign! 10 Photos added to the photo sections 1, 2!
New wallpaper!
A link in articles to D.C. Wilson's "Wilson's 916th Dream" column regarding John Britten and his bike, an excellent piece.

3 December 1997
Added another photo to pictures, Britten at Bathurst.

27 September 1997
Thanks, "Hit the beach" for choosing this site as "The wave of the Day"
Finally some sounds added! Now featuring idling, flyby (hear that baby roar) and a ride on clip going through the gears.

23 September 1997
Pic of Stephen Briggs added to pictures

19 September 1997
Some more older articles added concerning Johns Death. Hard to believe its been 3 years.
John Britten dies at 45, John Britten: man of vision

16 Sept 1997
YES! You can own a rare Britten motorcycle, see the Official Britten Motorcycle Website for more details.

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