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CR&S Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Based in Milan, CR&S was founded by Roberto Crepaldi who had worked for 20 years with his father as a distributor for Ferrari in the Lombardy region and knew Enzo well.

The first Britten sold (the 4th built) is named the CR&S Britten. The bike took second place in the 1995 BEARS and competed twice at the IOM TT.

Roberto's workshop in Milan was home to the Britten racing team when in Europe, and he and John Britten were good friends.

The CRS Vun is powered by a 652cc Rotax similar to that fitted to the BMW F650, but somewhat beefier - it delivers 54 h.p.

The CR&S Duu has an American S & S V-twin and is every inch the custom special. It churns out over 90 h.p.

Crepaldi formed a new company in 2016, Record Motorcycles, with the aim of building V8 land speed record machines. One of them is named Tribute to John Britten and develops 294kw from 2500cc.

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