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Britten Specifications



Water cooled 985cc 60 degree V-Twin quad cam 4-stroke.
  • 4 valves per cylinder, included angle 30 degrees, belt driven DOHC
  • compression ratio: 13.7:1
  • bore x stroke: 13.7:1
  • Pistons from Omega, flat top slipper design
  • Titanium conrods with oil feed to little end.
  • Titanium valves, ground lash caps with direct acting buckets
  • Wet cast iron sleeves with no head gaskets
  • Dry clutch, wet sump, in-unit gearbox
  • Oil feed to big-ends, gudgeon pins, camshaft lobes & gearbox shafts
  • Programmable Engine Management Computer with history facility Fuel Injection - sequential, 2 injectors per cylinder
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  • five speed constant mesh gearbox
  • primary gears - straight cut
  • gear ratios: 2.5 : 1.77 : 1.38 : 1.125 : 0.961
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Fully stressed engine with ducted under-seat radiator. Top chassis, girder & swing arm all constructed in carbon & kevlar composites.
  • Front suspension:
      double wishbone with girder, 120mm travel
  • Rear suspension:
      swing arm with adjustable three bar linkage, 130mm travel
  • Shocks:
  • Rake:
      24 degrees adjustable
  • Trail:
  • Front Wheel:
      3.5" x 17" in-house carbon composite
  • Rear Wheel
      6.0" x 17" in-house carbon composite
  • Front Brakes
      Twin 320mm cast iron rotors with opposed 4-piston Brembo calipers
  • Rear Brakes
      210mm rotor with opposed piston Brembo caliper


  • Wheel base: 1420mm
  • Weight (incl oil and water): 145kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 24 litres
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  • 160 HP @ 12,000 RPM in 985cc format
  • maximum safe engine speed: 12500rpm
  • maximum speed 303km/h
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