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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Britten motorcycle. It is maintained by Chris Goldie. Please send me any additions, corrections, clarfications, or suggestions. In particular, if you find a dead link, please let me know...it's hard to keep up with stuff as it moves 'round.

This document is available at splashmedia.co.nz/users/britten/britten_faq.html (404)

Information presented here may not be factually correct, if you think something is incorrect, please mail me, c h r i s @ i h u g . c o . n z

Last updated: 23 September 1997

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Motorcycle Related Questions and Answers

How many bikes have been built?

10 completed bikes, 1 in Italy, 4 in NZ and 5 in the USA. Currently the Britten company does not have plans to build any more.


Where are the bikes now?

  1. Museum of NZ. (NZ)
  2. Cardinal bike for promotions. (NZ)
  3. (1994 BEARS bike) Kevin Grant of Water Dynamics Ltd, AKL (NZ)
  4. Roberto Crepaldi - Milano, (ITALY)
  5. Jim Hunter - Williamstown, MA (USA)
  6. Mark Stewart - Bay City, MI (USA)
  7. Barber Motorsports Museum - Birmingham, Alabama (USA)
    An ice cream tycoon, Barber has his own private motorcycle collection consisting of over 500 very rare bikes.
  8. Mike Canapa - California (USA)
  9. (Under construction - substantially updated, 6 speed models.)
    currently for sale, see: http://www.britten.co.nz/
  10. unknown ?? (USA)

Pewter Model Related Questions and Answers

What's that cool blue metalic paint colour?

The colour for the blue is as follows VHT company name SP-110 flat blue flame proof coating 1200 degrees. The blue is PORSCHE TAHOE BLAU (substitute pearl for metalic).This is an ICIautocolour.


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