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The Jawa 890 Iceracer

Another addition to these pages pictured* Left and Below comes from the former collection of machines owned by Richard Snodin.

This ice-racer has the short-stroke pushrod engine (dated 1967). The fuel tank is the typical Russian pattern (and the machine did indeed surface in Russia) whilst the carb is a Dellorto, and the magneto Lucas.

This particular machine apparently went from Russia to Finland (where it was later restored, and from where it was purchased earlier this year). One or two experts have examined the machine, and believe that it may never have been raced.

In the summer of 2001, this particular machine changed hands and now resides in the unlikely setting of Arizona. It has become a part of Rick Newlee's ever growing collection, and Richard is delighted to see it go into such caring hands. Which all goes to prove that Rick certainly knows how to bring back souvenirs following his UK holiday over here in England.

Rick is seen here adding the final touches to the bike in preparation for the big show at Del Mar 2001 where it took second place. Also on display there was another Ice Racer restored by the legendary Scott Autrey who sadly was unable to attend in person.

Does Rick have any misgivings about this machine ?

Well, he does confess to having a few reservations about tackling a front tyre change and tangling with those lethal looking spikes - and who can blame him. But obviously Rick has taken a liking for this bike, and I can reveal to the world that he nicknamed it - "Boris"

*Images missing from archive

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