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The Svensson Ice Racer

This particular machine is made by Stefan Svensson from Sweden and intended for racing in the 2000 season.

Normal speedway, longtrack and iceracing machines come by way of frames made from high quality steel tubes, in which the engines are normally fitted with alloy engine mounting plates. But in the Svensson machine, there is NO normal frame, but simply just engine plates that form a monocoque frame.

A monocoque frame is not new for Dirt Track bikes, other models that have used such a frame include the Killmeyer Apfelbeck machine that was used in speedway way back in the early fifties. Other machines that used this sort of frame were the British built Fictitious longtrack bike of the mid eighties and more recently, Stefan Danno built a speedway machine with a monocoque frame in 1999.

But we think that this particular iceracer is the first to use a monocoque frame, which in these pictures* comes fitted with a laydown JAWA engine.

*Images missing from archive

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