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The Weslake DOHC 4 Valve

Weslake were to make several variations of engine from 1975 onwards, including engines with OHV; SOHC and DOHC all with 4 Valves, but also an OHV with only 2Valves.

They made engines (for Speedway) with 250; 350 and 500cc motors fitted, the pictures here being of the DOHC 4 valve speedway. This engine housed a standard ignition system which was operated by contact breakers

And to add a Splash of colour ........

Steve Magro from Australia kindly sent me this photo of former Australian International and Exeter rider, John Titman's DOHC Weslake....

John described it as Heavy and requiring frequent and difficult maintainance... I wonder if he meant the Weslake or these Workshop Pages !!


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