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Any additional information is always welcomed, no matter how small ..
Pictures ... information ... Technical specs ... Old or Modern ...
If you wish to contribute in anyway, please email me.

Kjell Akerblom hopes to put together a full list of Jawa model types - maybe you can help.

See the list so far.


The "Workshop" Links.

Workshop The central Page where all the machines that we have can be found.

Mystery machines Where help is needed for those items you just can't put a name to.

The "Jargon" Helps explain the basic terminology - sort out your DOHC's from your OHV's.

Lists Other Machine Related Pages.

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Welcome to the Workshop where we hope to accumulate pictures and specifications of ALL known Speedway machines, both old and modern.

Latest Additions.
The Jawa 895 Longtracker Courtesy of Rick Newlee

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