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Built by Erich Lawrenz of Germany during the mid-1970s, this was based on a 500cc JAP with SOHC 2-Valve conversion.

Lawrenz was a fine rider, winning over 100 racers during his career. His workshop began as a hobby, and developed into a very substantial workspace. His initial creations were cafe-racers.

ERLA Speedway Machines

Images show the SOHC 2-Valve engine that incorporates fuel injection and the SOHC 2-valve ERLA Longtracker. Both the frame and engine by are Erich Lawrenz.

The ERLA Desmo

This machine was another of the Lawrenz creations and was finished shortly before he died. The engine on this particular machine is made from a Godden crankcase, and on top, the head from a Desmo 916 Ducati engine.

In the head there are 4 valves, whilst the watercooled cylinder is was created in the workshop. For a clearer explanation of what is meant by a "Desmodromic" engine, take a look at the Frank Arnott design.

NOTE: See also the ERLA/Jawa Iceracer

Much more on Lawrenz at bahnsporttechnik.de.

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