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The Jaweso/Masek


Yet another brand new Czech speedway engine is the JawEso/Masek that consists of a Stuha frame and a Masek engine.
The Masek engine is designed by Jaroslav Cervinka (former chief designer from Jawa) and engineer Rudolf Masek who is also the owner of a large package machine factory in Czechoslovakia.

At the present time, the speedway engine gives 64BHP at 7,750 rpm. - and a clever detail is the inspection glass for the oil level which is situated on the Magneto cover.

Max Revs = 9,500rpm.
Compression Ratio: 13.5:1
Type: SOHC 4V Aircooled.

The JawEso/Masek company is currently working on a complete programme for speedway and Longtrack machines. For the Longtrackers, a new monoshock Stuha built frame have already been completed and work is currently in progress on the 2 speed gearboxes.

The Masek engine will be delivered along with the C&S; Carbs that have been made by Jaroslav Cervinka and former World Ice racing champion Antonin Svab.

Dutchman Henk Jager (Seen Left) is the new Dutch importer for the Stuha frames and the JAWESO/MASEK engines.

If your wondering about the name JAWESO, it originates from the following. Masek Jnr's father is the owner of a packaging factory, and his Grandfather, together with Simandl were the original owners of the old ESO company. In 1964, ESO became JAWA and the Masek family, not wanting to use the ESO name again, decided to combine the names of ESO and JAWA, thus giving JAWESO.

The current price in the Netherlands for the new JawEso/Masek engine is 4250 Dutch Gulden.
For Further Information:
Henk Jager
Burg. Bloemersstraat
9311 PC. Nieuw Roden
Phone: NL 50-5015613
Fax: NL 50-5011369

(Photos courtesy Ben Ludolphy)

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