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The Smiley Jawa 890

It was during a correspondence with former World Star Scott Autrey that the Pete Smiley Jawa first came to my attention. Scott wrote:
Chris, just a quick note. In 1972 at Ascot Park half mile I rode a Jawa that was a fuel injected model done by an engineer named Pete Smiley who was based in California. I would bet that bike is still floating around. By the way in that meeting I was leading my heat by a straightaway and decided to back off for the last lap and when I did, the bike lifted on me and I went off the high side and was hurt pretty bad, knocked out for 5 mins, broken shoulder and ribs but still loved the bike, it flew.

In an effort to find out more about this machine, I turned to help from Rick Newlee from America for assistance, and with the help of Bill Cody, we are able to add this machine to the "Workshop" Pages. Rick was able to take these pictures* of a Smiley Jawa belonging to Mike Konle, a Southern California rider back in 1970 and he probably rode until around 1977 or so. Mike Kolne was also the manufacturer of "Redline" Frames", but more of that at the foot of this Page.

This engine is one of those that Pete Smiley built the fuel injection for. Bill Cody told us that Pete was a racer many years ago and a Tool and Die Maker by trade and owned his own business.

He developed a miniature pump that was driven off the cam gear side of the engine. It pressure feed a modified carburetor but that was all that Bill knew. Pete is still living but is not doing well health wise and Mike Konle wants to finish the bike and show it to Pete before he passes on. Pete was pals with Jack and Cordy Milne and Fairchild. They all were close according to Bill.

The Redline frames that were mentioned earlier were something his company built for all types of motorcycle applications. Bill Cody had mentioned that Konle made 20 of the front diamonds for Speedway. Only two of these can at present be accounted for, and one is owned by Rick Newlee which can be viewed on the Mike Bast Page.

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