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The Weslake MK4

The original and fully restored Weslake of Alan Grahame.

The MK4 was one of the last competitive push-rod engines.

Former collector, Richard Snodin from Leicester originally sent me the following shots of his former Weslake.

The engine number on this particular machine reads L284 which denotes that this was built in May, 1975.

These earlier production engines did not have the strengthening webs on the cylinder head and Crankcase - which were to appear on the later models. A "U" shaped oil feed tube transfers oil to both rocker arm bushes.

Since then however, the bike has changed hands and now sits in a museum in Arizona, one of the many splendid machines owned by Rick Newlee. The Weslake and many other "Classic" speedway machines can be seen in the Museum.

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