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The Speedway Workshop Archive includes the following pages on J.A.P dirt track, grass track and speedway machines.

The JAP Workbench
Year Machine Detail
1928/48/53 OEC Three of the O.E.C. Machines
1928 OK-Supreme JAP with magneto in front of engine
1928 Lady The Belgian twin port machine
1930 Wallis 350cc Wallis TT Twin Port engine
1930 Comerford Housing L.H Horizontal Carb Motor
1931 Dog Ear S/P The Dog-Eared Single Port (Twin Plug)
1932 Short 4 L/H Carb-Short 4-Open Valved
1932 Comerford Comerford with the latest Short-4
1933 Rudge/JAP The Short-4 housed in Rudge Frame
1933 Suecia The Swedish SMT-50 machine
1933 Long Four First with Down Draught on Inlet Port
1937 350 JAP The 350cc 5-Stud engine
** 500 JAP The 5-Stud Long and Short engines
Victor Martin Housing the JAP 5-Stud
1948 Vic Duggan World Champion Vic Duggan Design
1948 W.Phillips Wal Phillips Horizontal JAP
1948 Staride The Erskine "Staride"
1948 Martin Housing the JAP Long 5-Stud motor
1948 Les Wotton Housing the Long JAP 5-Stud motor
1949 Hynes The Dave Hynes JAP
1949 Langton Eric Langton Mk4 Machine
1949 Payne Payne JAP housing converted Short4
1955 Arnott Frank Arnott's Desmodromic JAP
1955 Huck Fynn With the earlier "Trombone" Forks
1965 The Bewley George Bewley's Spring Forks machine
1967 Erskine Restored JAP as ridden by S. Sjosten
1960's Mattingly With "Trombone" forks and 4A motor.
1960's 500 JAP Using C.B Ignition not Magneto
19?? Jackson JAP An early Jackson JAP
1952 Jackson-Rotrax-1 The most famed of JAP's
1972 Rotrax-2 Rotrax with 4 valve engine.
1962 Emstar John Patterson's Emstar machines
1970's ERLA SOHC 2-Valve Conversion
1970's RO Norwegian JAP with Weslake Head
1975 84S The 500cc 4-Stud motor
1970's Street JAP Neil Street's 4-Valve Conversion.
1970's 4 Valve The rare 4-valve DOHC engine.

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