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The Wal Phillips Special - Noel Clark Replica

Lay-Downs are not such a new Idea!

Wal Phillips was experimenting with this almost horizontal JAP engine layout around 1948. There can be little doubt about its low centre of gravity. However, earlier Laydowns were built as far back as 1928 with the HATTON McEVOY using a JAP engine, the P&P; using a Blackburn engine also in 1928 whilst in 1949, American Jerry Fairchild had also designed a JAP Laydown machine.
(Information courtesy Ben Ludolphy)

Here are some photographs of the Wal Phillips replica made by Noel Clark of the U.K., the machine being completed this Year (1999).

As you can tell by comparing the pictures with the original above, it is an almost a perfect copy of the original bike that had been made in 1948.

Noel Clark made the frame himself, together with the special fuel / oil tank and the special air filter.
The engine is adjusted for horizontal mounting and therefore the balance factor of the crank is altered from the standard 70% to 52%. Also the oil system is altered for horizontal mounting. Noel informs us that the engine is running perfectly.

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