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F.E. Baker had a long involvement in motorcycle manufacture, firstly in America and then with William Beardmore and Co. He was the founder of Precision Motorcycles.
Frank Baker

W.O. Bentley was a racing motorcyclist before WWI who was one of the first to fit aluminium pistons to motorcycle engines. During the Great War he became heavily involved in aviation.
Walter Bentley

Frank and Harold Bowden were the driving force behind Raleigh and Sturmey-Archer

Butterworth Archie Butterworth was well known in the auto racing field where he produced F2 and hill-climb cars. He was also responsible for the Norton flat-four fitted to the Kieft Butterworth, and for the "Swing-Valve" engine mentioned in a satirical article by George Cohen.


Irving, Phil
Phil Irving is best known for his Vincent V-twin engines, and is also credited with the original concept for Velocette's "Noddy Bike", the LE.

Quite simply the best information on preparing old motorcycles is to be found in Phil Irving's "Tuning for Speed", which was taken from his slide rule articles. ~ George Cohen

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