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Cyril Pullin

Cyril George Pullin (1893-1965) was a British inventor, engineer and motorcycle racer born in Hammersmith.

In 1914 Pullin won the Isle of Man TT race. In 1920 he produced the Pullin-Groom, and later in the 1920's he developed the Ascot car and lodged various helicopter engine patents.

In 1925 he developed the Powerwheel, a single cylinder rotary engine in the hub of a motorcycle wheel, including clutch and drum brakes. His sister was married to Stephen Leslie Bailey, a then prominent engineer at Douglas Motors, and many of his patents were filed under the name of that company.

1953 Special Research and Development Engineer, Hercules Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd., Birmingham. Born Wandsworth, 1893. Educated at Malden College and Latimer School. Served apprenticeship, and studied engineering at Continental Colleges. Joined Hyde Park Motor Co. Ltd. in 1909. In 1911 worked with Cameron Car Co. and commenced Motor Cycle Racing at Brooklands and elsewhere. Won 1914 Senior T.T. Patentee and Designer Pullin-Groom Motor Cycles and was associated with Pullin-Groom Co. Ltd., 1917-21. In 1922 became Chief Designer and General Manager, Douglas Motors Ltd., leaving in 1927 to become Chief Designer, Ascot Motor Co. Ltd. until 1933. In the latter year became General Manager, Aircraft Division, G. and J. Weir Ltd., and was in charge of Autogiro design until 1940. In 1941 became Chief Designer, Power Jets Ltd. (Gas Turbines) and in the following year Managing Director, Cierva Autogiro Co. Ltd. responsible for helicopters W.5-10 and also the World's largest helicopter (Air Horse). Joined Hercules Cycles in 1951 on special development of internal combustion engines and road vehicles. Is well-known as designer of cars, motorcycles, transmission gears and aero-engines. Interested in Motor Racing and Scientific Research.

Source: Graces Guide

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