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Theodore Henry Tessier

Theodore Henry Tessier (c1868- )

1901 Living at Fordingley Road, Paddington (age 33 born Middlesex), a Cycle Dealer (own account). With his wife Frances E. (age 29 born Blofield, Norfolk) and their children Sidney Theo (age 8 born Surrey) and Frederick H. (age 1 born Leyton).

1902 May. 'A good deal of Interest was taken a Motor Bicycle Race of three miles, which fell to T. H. Tessier., of the Motor C.C., who rode a Mitchell machine of two-horse power'

1903 Joined BAT Motor Manufacturing Co

1903 August. 'The Five-mile Motor-cycle match between J. F. Crundall and T. H. Tessier was spoiled through Tessier falling and cutting his hand after going two miles one lap. Crundall was thereupon declared the winner.'

1905 Took over the business after its founder failed to find sufficient markets for the products

1911 Living at 25 Avington Grove, Penge: Theodore Henry Tessier (age 43 born Dalston, London), a Motor Cycle Manufacture and Employer. With his wife of 19 years Frances Ellen Tessier (age 39 born Norwich) and their children Sidney Theodore Tessier (age 18 born Peckham), a Motor Cycle Engineer; Frederick Henry Tessier (age 11 born Leyton); and Florence Ellen Tessier (age 9 born Paddington).

Source: Graces Guide