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BAT Motorcycles for 1911

BAT 1911 JAP Twin

Mr. Edmund Sharpe of Lancaster on his new Bat-Jap.

Bat Motor Manufacturing Co.

Kingswood Road, Penge, S.E. Stand No. 85.
The Bat has scored consistently for many years past, and by present indications it should certainly be "not out" at the close of 1911. The success of these machines has been largely due to the excellent spring fork and spring frame with which they are constructed. In fact, the Bat is one of the very few spring frames with a long experience behind it. This is wisely retained for next season, except on the new T.T. models, and the spring fork has been improved in the matter of springs themselves. As usual, there is a good range of types, including a single cylinder 3 1/2-4 H.P., and two twins of 5-6 H.P. and 7-8 H.P. respectively. The T.T. models belong to the single and twin classes, and have ball bearings to the crankshaft.

All the motors are Japs, and all the roadsters have the magnetos driven through ball bearing bevel gearing, and automatic lubrication. The stands, carriers, mudguards, tool bags, and other details have been revised and improved. Number plates, butted tubes, and a complete set of tools are included with each machine, while the tank fillers have been made larger, and petrol filters now form part of the standard specification. Several of the machines have two-speed gears, and one is fitted with a side-car. The Bat Manufacturing Co. are open to appoint agents where not already represented, if they will contract to take as many machines during the season as were sold in their district in 1910. A very fair proposition.

Olympia Show, November 1910

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