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BAT Motorcycles for 1906

Bat 1905 Front Fork

Method of springing the front fork, as applied to the Bat Motor Bicycles.

The Bat Redivivus.

The novel feature of the Bat bicycle for 1906 is the new spring fork. Instead of a single coil spring there are four springs in all, which are attached to lugs on the front forks and to clips fixed on to a tube which encircles the back of the front wheel so that the tension of the springs may be altered. This tube can be moved either backwards for stiffening the springs or forward for weakening them, so that the action of the fork may be suited to the road over which the machine travels. If the roughness of the road is such that the wheel has not sufficient clearance, the wheel may be set lower in the forks, means of adjustment being provided, and if the forks are not suited to the weight of the rider the wheel may be also laterally adjusted, so that in the case of a light farther forward, causing more The original long levers for operating the carburetter and spark advance are still retained, and on the twin-cylinder model all these work from one centre.

Fitted with the spring forks just described and the old and well tried method of springing the back, the new model Bat motor bicycle should be a most comfortable one to ride.

Stanley Show 1905