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Josef Ganz, the May Bug and Volkswagen

Josef Ganz


Richard Kürchen and his brother Xavier



Louis L. Lepoix

A French designer, his projects included Horex (Rebell), Progress, Puch (M125 and SR150), Bastert (Einspurauto), Walba, Triumph TWN (Contessa), Victoria (Nicky and Swing), Kreidler (Florett), Steib...

Louis Lepoix


Albert Roder.

Roder was involved with the Ziro, EMAG and Ermag marques. Later he designed the NSU Fox, and the Ultramax valve train of the Max, Superfox and Maxi.

Albert Roder


Fritz Witzel.

One of the most successful German off-road motorcycle riders of the post-war period, he participated in countless national and international off-road motorsport events and won an incredible total of 214 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 9 bronze medals. He rode with Mars, Sachs, Hercules and Maico.

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