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The VT Ice Racer

Usually when we think of a cone version, we refer to the head being converted over an existing bottom half (Crankcase and Cylinder) and usually from 2 to 4 valves. Veijo Tuoroniemi however did the complete opposite !!

He opted to use a standard DOHC 2V head from the Jawa, but all other parts such as the Cylinder, crankcase, piston, connecting rod, crank, big end etc. he made up himself.

Also note at the end of the inlet cam is the electronic ignition pick up.

Made in Finland, the VT had good success and was ridden used by ice cracker Jarmo Hirvasoja, who in 1985 was a runner-up in the World Championships after Vladimir Suchov.

Probably the lack of money prevented its further development, but Veijo still continues his career as a tuner, mainly with ice riders.

Here are some various pictures of the Finnish built VT (Veijo Tuoriniemi) machines.

The model of some years ago is the bike with the engine almost completely horizontally mounted in the frame.

The latest model is also fitted with a horizontal mounted engine, but in this instance, not so extreme as previous models.

The latest model comes complete with alloy cast engine plates, and on these plates you find some extra stiffening ribs.

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